What’s New in Sales Copilot – September 2023

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Microsoft Sales Copilot is reimagining sales. Integrated seamlessly into your daily tools across Microsoft 365 and Teams, Sales Copilot harnesses the power of generative AI and customer data to keep sellers in their flow of work so that they can spend more time with customers.

This month, we’re thrilled to share new and improved ways to build stronger customer relationships, accelerate productivity in the flow of work, and enjoy a better onboarding experience.

Build stronger customer relationships

With Sales Copilot, sellers are able to personalize their relationships with customers in an evolving remote landscape. Here’s how we’re making that even easier:

• Opportunity summaries available in opportunity record details
With opportunity summaries, Sales Copilot generates concise customer briefs to help sellers quickly ramp up and ensure they’re better informed going into every engagement. Now, when using Sales Copilot in Outlook, sellers can not only find the opportunity summary under the Highlights tab, but also directly as part of the record details for any given opportunity under the Dynamics 365 or Salesforce tab—making it easier than ever to stay on top of every deal.

Opportunit summary in CRM tab.png

View the opportunity summary today.


Accelerate productivity in the flow of work

Break free from admin chores and rev up your sales productivity. Here are the updates we’re bringing to keep you in the flow:

• Collaboration spaces: AI-generated opportunity summaries in Deal rooms
With Collaboration Spaces, sellers can converse seamlessly and securely with colleagues and customers in Microsoft Teams, bolstered by integrated CRM data and apps. Now, we’re bringing opportunity summaries to Deal rooms in Teams, providing the entire sales team with a summarized view of the opportunity to get quickly up to speed. Specifically, the opportunity summary will be shared as an initial post as soon as the Deal room is created, and sellers can also invoke the summary as needed from the Deal room using the Sales Copilot bot.


View AI-generated opportunity summaries in Deal rooms today.

• Email summaries: Citations, CRM highlights, and BANT classification
With email summaries, Sales Copilot brings together Microsoft 365 Graph and CRM data to generate a distilled summary of the email which can be quickly saved to the relevant record in CRM as a note object. Now, we’re enriching email summaries by adding referenceable citations, providing greater transparency behind each summarized point. Additionally, on external emails, email summaries will display relevant contact and account information from the CRM, providing a more complete picture. Finally, with BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) classification, sellers can assess prospective customers at a glance and tailor their communications more effectively.


These improvements are scheduled for release later this month. To learn more, check back on this post soon. Optionally, you may click “Subscribe” to receive an email when it becomes available.


• Save draft meetings to Dynamics 365
With Sales Copilot, sellers can effortlessly save their Outlook interactions to the CRM. Now, sellers using Dynamics 365 can mark meetings to be saved to the CRM even while drafting them. Once the meeting draft is marked to be saved, Sales Copilot takes care of the rest and will save the meeting as an appointment. Changes made to the meeting after it is saved are automatically synced to Dynamics 365, making it easier than ever to stay in the flow of work.

Save draft appointments.png

Save Outlook activities to your CRM today.


• Salesforce hyperlink formula fields now render as links in Sales Copilot forms
In Salesforce CRM, hyperlink formula fields are rendered as rich text in Salesforce Lightning, allowing users to click on the link. Now, hyperlink formula fields containing URLs (but no images) are similarly displayed in Sales Copilot as clickable links, ensuring a more seamless experience.


Show URL Fields as hyperlinks - 1 (field in Salesforce).png

Show URL Fields as hyperlinks - 2 (field in Sales copilot).png

Customize Sales Copilot with hyperlink formula fields from Salesforce CRM today.



With Sales Copilot, onboarding is no longer a chore. Here’s how we’re making it easy to get up and running:

• Receive a welcome email in Outlook after Sales Copilot is installed
New users will now receive a welcome email after the Sales Copilot Outlook add-in has been installed. The email provides a quick, comprehensive overview of the value they can extract from Sales Copilot to boost their sales productivity. The email also provides links to important resources like the product documentation and learning module to help them get started right away.

Welcome Email.png

This feature is scheduled for release later this month. To learn more, check back on this post soon. Optionally, you may click “Subscribe” to receive an update when it becomes available.



Ready to join us and other top-performing sales organizations worldwide? To get started with Sales Copilot, reach out to your Microsoft sales team or visit the product webpage.

Ready to install Sales Copilot? See the Sales Copilot deployment guide for Dynamics 365 users or the Sales Copilot deployment guide for Salesforce users.

Want to stay in the loop? Stay connected to the latest improvements before everybody else at https://aka.ms/salescopilotupdates. We welcome your feedback and ideas in the community feedback forum.

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