Simplifying development experience and deployment with Azure Kubernetes Service extension in VS Code

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In the dynamic landscape of container orchestration and management, Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) has emerged as a powerful solution for deploying and managing containerized applications. To simplify and enhance the AKS experience, the open-source community has contributed a fantastic tool called the AKS VSCode Tools Extension. In this blog post, we'll delve into what the extension is, why it's valuable, and how it can make your AKS journey smoother.


What is the AKS VSCode Tools Extension?


The AKS VSCode Tools Extension is an open-source project developed to streamline the interaction between developers experience and Azure Kubernetes Service through Visual Studio Code (VSCode). It's a versatile extension designed to simplify various aspects of working with AKS, from creating and managing clusters to deploying applications and monitoring their performance, all within the familiar VSCode environment.


Key Features


1. Cluster Creation and Management: One of the standout features of the extension is its ability to create and manage AKS clusters with ease. You can use the extension to create new clusters, scale existing ones, and even perform upgrades with just a few clicks. Features like quick create cluster for testing purposes to easily be able to see the properties of the cluster without leaving the vscode experience 


2. Application Deployment and easy to deploy monitoring tool: Deploying containerized applications to AKS is simplified using the extension. You can easily package your app and deploy it to your AKS cluster directly from VSCode. This extension not only simplifies the whole developer AKS journey as one-click deployment but also does heavy lifting for the installation and deployment journey of tools like inspector gadget and let developers and end-user focus on key intent of this tool.


3. Developer experience with kubectl integration: The extension provides ease of easily be able to run kubectl commands across multiple cluster without change the context hence utilising the parallelism of the vscode and adding value to the AKS toolset.


4. Kubernetes Configuration: Managing Kubernetes configurations can be complex, but the AKS VSCode Tools Extension simplifies it by offering a seamless way to handle Kubeconfig files, contexts, and clusters.


Why Choose an Open Source Tool?


The decision to make the AKS VSCode Tools Extension an open-source project brings several benefits to users:


1. Community-driven Development: Open-source projects are often developed and maintained by a passionate community of contributors. This means continuous improvement, updates, and a diverse set of features driven by real-world use cases.


2. Transparency: Open source ensures transparency in code, making it easier to understand how the extension works, which can be vital for organizations with specific security or compliance requirements.


3. No Vendor Lock-In: Since it's open source, you're not tied to a specific vendor's ecosystem. This gives you the flexibility to adapt and customize the extension to suit your unique needs.


Getting Started with the AKS VSCode Tools Extension


If you're eager to start using this fantastic tool, follow these simple steps:


1. Install Visual Studio Code (if you haven't already).

2. Search for and install the "Azure Kubernetes Service" extension from the VSCode Marketplace. or direct link here.

3. Configure your Azure subscription and AKS cluster.

4. Begin exploring the features and capabilities of the extension through the VSCode interface.


In case you want to contribute or open feature request you can do that via the GitHub repo of this project here.




The AKS VSCode Tools Extension is a remarkable open-source project that simplifies the management and operation of Azure Kubernetes Service. Its wide array of features, including cluster management, application deployment, monitoring, and Kubernetes configuration, make it an invaluable tool for developers and DevOps teams working with AKS.


By choosing open source, the project embraces collaboration, transparency, and flexibility. It empowers users to take control of their AKS workflows and adapt the tool to their specific requirements.


Whether you're new to AKS or a seasoned Kubernetes pro, the AKS VSCode Tools Extension is worth exploring. It's an example of how open-source projects can enrich and simplify the developer experience in the ever-evolving world of container orchestration. Give it a try, and streamline your AKS workflows today!



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