Installing the new Outlook for Windows

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  • Minimum OS version Windows 10 Version 1809 (Build 17763)
  • Internet connection  


The first step to getting you and your team started on the new Outlook for Windows is to download the application onto your devices. You can make the switch to the new Outlook for Windows from the classic Outlook for Windows or the Windows Mail and Calendar apps, or you can directly install it. For more information


Sign in

The new Outlook for Windows makes it easy to sign in and get started. Depending on where you downloaded the application, the new Outlook might sign you in automatically! Simply follow the prompts when you open the application to configure a supported email account, listed below, and you can start using the new Outlook for Windows. Follow this link to learn more about the sign in process for the new Outlook for Windows.  



An image of the sign-in screen for the new Outlook for Windows showing support email accounts



Account Type

Support Status Outlook Supported
Microsoft 365 Work or School accounts Supported – license dependent (Learn more)
Gmail Supported
Yahoo Mail Supported
iCloud Mail Supported
IMAP Supported
POP Not yet supported


Start using the new Outlook for Windows

You’re all set! You can start to read and send emails, schedule events on your calendar, add contacts to your address book, and much more! 





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