Logic Apps Mission Critical Series: “We Speak: IBM 3270: Green Screen Applications”

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In this session, we continue with the "We Speak", Mission Critical Series with an episode on how Azure Logic Apps can unlock scenarios where is required to integrate with 3270 Applications.


The IBM 3270 In-App Connector


The IBM 3270 In-App connector enables connections between Logic App workflows to IBM 3270 Applications running on IBM Mainframes. The IBM 3270 Standard connector is a thin wrapper round the Host Integration Server feature “Session Integrator”.







In the SNA days, the display management protocol used to facilitate communications between remote end-users and a centralized mainframe was called the 3270 data stream. At the end user's location in an SNA network was a device referred to as a 3270 terminal. Because so many SNA and 3270 applications existed, they looked at integrating the SNA protocol into their IP backbone. The technology used to move from SNA 3270 applications to TCP/IP is called TN3270, short for Telnet 3270.


As 3270 Applications can embed business logic with screens, instead of refactoring mainframe applications, Azure Logic Apps allows you to access 3270 green screen applications as they are by wrapping them into metadata objects that will be processed by a Logic Apps workflow.


To be able to run Mainframe "Screens" in Logic Apps, you need to prepare the metadata of the screens using the 3270 Design Tool. The 3270 Design Tool will create a Recording file (*.RAP) along with a Host Integration Design XML file (HIDX) for use with the IBM 3270 connector.

The following is a view of the 3270 Design Tool. For steps on how to set it up, refer to this video https://youtu.be/QoZh9fNp8o4.  





Once you have the HIDX file ready for deployment, you will need to upload it in the Maps section of your Azure Logic App and then create a workflow and add the IBM 3270 Connector.

To set up the IBM 3270 Connector, you will require inputs from the Mainframe Specialist. You will require at least the Mainframe IP and Port.





Then you will select your HIDX file and the Method you need to be executed.




The following video include a complete demonstration of the use of the IBM 3270 In-App connector for Azure Logic Apps.



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