Make Azure AI Real: Apply Azure AI Services for Vision and Florence to your image data

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About the series:

Microsoft Reactor’s Make Azure AI Real series is a collection of AI livestreams that are focused on AI technical content from experts at Microsoft. It’s designed for you to learn how to use Microsoft AI tools and services, such as Azure Cognitive Services, Azure OpenAI Service, and more. You will also get insights into the latest AI trends and best practices from Microsoft AI experts. Join us for this exciting series and discover how to make AI real for your projects and goals.


About the session:

You might have heard a lot about the advancements of generative AI in the natural language processing (NLP) domain and how large language models reached human parity in a few NLP tasks like question and answering. However, generative AI also heavily enhanced computer vision, enabling models that perform image captioning, editing, retrieval and even generation with the highest accuracy we’ve ever seen.

In this session we cover how Azure AI vision is empowered by large foundation models and what you can do with it. We also look at the real-world use case of a startup founder looking to address food wasting with AI, by exploring several visual features on Azure AI Vision Studio and customizing a pre-trained object detector model with enterprise data.


Session material:

You can follow along the presentation and the demo with this Learn Module. Below the on-demand session recording:


Next steps:

Be sure you tune in for the upcoming episodes on the Microsoft Reactor Youtube Channel.  Continue your learning path with the dedicated Microsoft Learn series collection.

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