HCLTech and Microsoft drive intelligent B2C communications for the enterprise

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I am excited to announce that our collaboration with HCLTech is now live and we are able to bring the best of HCLTech's implementation to Microsoft clients globally to help them achieve more through intelligent B2C communications across every interaction with their customers, patients and consumers.


Previously, I have had the honor of announcing our collaboration with two esteemed Microsoft Partners: TCS and Capgemini. Today, is significant however, as this systems integrator has worked side by side with our engineering team as we have tested products under development like Call Automation, Email, and VoIP.


To achieve more through intelligent communications, HCLTech will bring together the best of Microsoft technology including Azure Communication Services, Azure AI Services, and Azure OpenAI Service plus Microsoft Teams to create endpoint solutions between businesses and customers. These capabilities will draw from an organization's data, such as a CRM system, and integrates with Azure's powerful data and analytics platform. The goal is to drive continuous customer satisfaction leading to brand loyalty harnessed by migrating all the organizations customer communications to one intelligent B2C communications platform with Microsoft.


“Customers are increasingly looking forward to adding text messaging, voice and video calling to their business and support apps. Azure Communication Services as a Communications-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) offers a competent cloud-based platform to achieve this goal. HCL is poised to help customers streamline voice, video and chat communications through custom built applications on Azure integrating with Microsoft Teams. It is one of the growth spaces in enterprise communications area that we are actively capitalizing on.” says Ram Ojha, Global Head, Digital Collaborations Practice, HCLTech.


HCLTech has more than 30 years' experience, global reach and scale covering more than 200 countries. Their experience in delivering Microsoft Teams solutions within the enterprise and interoperability with Azure Communication Services for B2C applications is expansive from assessment to consulting to implementation and on-going management.


“Enterprises cutting across industry verticals are looking to enhance communications experience and productivity of internal employees and external customers. Azure Communication Services provides such rich communication APIs to enable our customers for use cases like self-service options, online omni channel communications etc. by integrating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). We, at HCL, are excited to leverage Azure Communication Services to empower enterprise communications capabilities of customers.” says Rakshit Ghura, Senior Vice President & Global Head - Digital Workplace Services , HCLTech.




HCLTech and Microsoft are working together to unlock the value of technology as we transform customer experiences and empower organizations and their customers to achieve more.  


Contact your Microsoft representative to learn about how HCLTech and Azure Communication Services can help you communicate, serve, and engage with your customers, consumers, and patients across financial services, healthcare, retail, utilities, and other industries.  


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