ChatGPT and Beyond: Exploring the language model to build an intelligent search

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What will be covered in the episode?


Are you ready to explore the amazing world of language models and how they can help you create smart search experiences?

In this episode, we’ll show you how the “Retrieval Augmented Generation” pattern works—a breakthrough that lets you build ChatGPT-like interactions based on your own data.


In this episode, you will:

Learn about Retrieval Augmented Generation: Find out how this innovative method combines the power of AI language models with the accuracy of intelligent search.

See Azure OpenAI Service in action: See for yourself how the Azure OpenAI Service uses the ChatGPT model (gpt-3.5-turbo) to make your data-driven projects more engaging.

Connect Azure Cognitive Search with Azure OpenAI Service: Learn how to easily connect the ChatGPT model with Azure Cognitive Search for fast and reliable data indexing and retrieval.


Whether you’re an AI fan, a developer, or a data-driven leader, this episode will expand your knowledge on how language models can transform your search experiences. Don’t miss this chance to discover the endless potential of ChatGPT and more in the field of intelligent search.


What is Azure OpenAi?


Azure OpenAI is a service that enables you to leverage state-of-the-art AI models for natural language, computer vision, and code generation. Azure OpenAI provides you access to some of the most innovative AI models in the world, such as GPT-4, which can generate coherent and diverse text on any domain, or DALL-E, which can synthesize images from text captions.


Azure OpenAI + Cognitive Search = The WOW Factor

Azure OpenAI and Azure Cognitive Search are two powerful services that can work together to create amazing applications. If you don't know, Azure Cognitive Search is a search and retrieval system that can index, understand, and retrieve data from large knowledge bases. By combining these two services, you can build applications that can answer questions or have conversations based on your own data, without needing to retrain or fine-tune the model. You can also provide users with tools to validate the responses and see the supporting facts from the original sources.


In this blog post@pablocastro shows you how to use Azure OpenAI and Azure Cognitive Search to create a chat assistant that helps Contoso Inc employees with their internal healthcare plan questions. You can also find examples and code in this GitHub repo. With Azure OpenAI and Azure Cognitive Search, you can create applications that have the WOW factor.


Learn More!

Learn more in Microsoft Learn, some examples!


Fundamentals of Azure OpenAI Service


Screenshot 2023-11-02 133423.png


Create an Azure Cognitive Search solution


 Screenshot 2023-11-02 133509.png




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