New Diagnostic: Teams Federation and Interoperability Diagnostic now available in MRCA

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Hi Teams Community,


We're back with another addition to Support Diagnostics for Microsoft Teams. This time @Chunlong Li has written our Teams Federation and Interoperability Diagnostic in the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer.


This new diagnostic will help you troubleshoot and test if you meet requirements for a Microsoft Teams user account within your organization can search and engage in a chat with an external account.

Some common symptoms:

  • A Teams user tries to search for an external user from the Teams powerbar but there are no external contacts popping up. 
  • A Teams user could find the target external user from the Teams powerbar but experiences the error ‘We can't set up the conversation because your organization are not set up to talk to each other when trying to chat with that user. 
  • Teams user tries to send a message to an external Skype for Business user, the following error pops up in the Teams client: ‘We ran into a Problem sending your message. Please share diagnostic code <error code> with your admin to help them troubleshoot the issue. 


To access the new customer facing diagnostic, navigate to Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer, select Microsoft Teams, then click on the “Teams Federation and Interoperability”. 




After logged in with and Administrator account you should specify the SIP address of the internal Teams user and the SIP address of the external target.



And then specify the client that the external user is using


At a high level the test checks a couple of things:

  • Validates if external access policy is not correctly set.
  • Validates if the SIP address is correct.
  • Validates the federation with SFB on premise .


We welcome your comments, feedback and questions. 

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