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If you have used the new Azure Logic Apps Data Mapper public preview, you have likely discovered that there is a separate VS Code extension for the Data Mapper functionality. This was a temporary measure that allowed us to work on the Data Mapper independent of our designer enhancements.


As we prepare for the upcoming General Availability of Data Mapper, we have merged the Data Mapper extension with the Logic Apps extension. The Logic Apps extension now includes the Data Mapper capabilities. This unified extension will streamline our publishing efforts and reduce friction for customers as they use the latest versions of our software.


Note: The Logic Apps extension that this applies to includes v2.82.0 and newer. We anticipate the relevant version of the extension to be in the marketplace on November 10th, 2023 and are sharing this information in advance of the extension being broadly available. 


When you install the latest version of the Logic Apps extension, a check will take place that will look for the existence of the Data Mapper extension. Should the Data Mapper extension exist, it will be automatically removed, and you will be prompted to restart VS Code.



This is a one time operation and we are choosing to do this prior to General Availability so that we don't have conflicts once we have entered that phase of our product lifecycle.

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