Azure Database for MySQL – October 2023 updates and latest feature roadmap

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We're pleased to share with you a summary of the Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server feature updates and announcements from last month, as well as the latest roadmap of upcoming features!


November 2023 Live webinar


These feature updates are also covered in our Monthly Live Webinar on YouTube (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel!), which streams the second Wednesday of every month, at 7:30am Pacific time. Below is a link to the webinar we delivered this week:



October 2023 updates and announcements


Azure Database for MySQL Contributor initiative

The Azure Database for MySQL Contributor initiative is designed to recognize members who actively work to share Azure MySQL-related content, announcements, and product news via social media channels. If you’re enthusiastic about Azure Database for MySQL and helping others to learn and do more with the service, join the Contributor initiative today and get recognized for your efforts through spotlights, collaboration opportunities and an exclusive badge!

Learn more: Web page | Announcement blog | Video


Universal geo-restore – General Availability

If you’ve configured your server for geo-redundant backups, so far you had the ability to restore to geo-paired regions. The new universal geo-restore feature allows you to restore your source server instance to any alternate region from the list of Azure supported regions where flexible server is available. This feature can be used to strengthen your disaster recovery strategy in case of regional disasters.

Learn more: Concepts | Tutorial | Demo


Latest feature roadmap




Release status

Coming soon! (Tentative timelines)

Accelerated logs


This feature improves database server performance of your mission-critical workloads within the Business-Critical tier by storing transactional logs on a faster storage, thereby enhancing the throughput of the servers.


Public Preview in Nov CY23

Long Term Retention of Backups

Previously, Azure Database for MySQL allowed for automated backups and on-demand backups to be retained up to 35 days. With Long Term Retention, you can now retain the backups up to 10 years, further aiding your audit and compliance needs.

Private Preview

Public Preview in Q4 CY23

Error Logs (in Server Logs)

This feature allows you to maintain MySQL error log files under Server logs feature and download them for up to eight days. These error logs will help you efficiently identify and troubleshoot performance and reliability issues, and proactively detect and respond to unauthorized access attempts, failed login attempts and other security-related events.

Private Preview


Public Preview in Q4 CY23


Azure MySQL Import (Single to Flexible Server Migration)

With Azure MySQL Import, you can migrate an Azure Database for MySQL single server to an Azure Database for MySQL flexible server by running a single CLI command! Azure MySQL Import is especially suited for bigger workloads and uses snapshot backup and restores technology to offer a simple and fast migration path to restore the source server's physical data files to the target server. Learn more.


Public Preview

General Availability in Q4 CY23

Azure MySQL Import for external migrations

This tooling (a single CLI command!) will allow you to achieve simple and fast migration of your heavy workloads (>1TB) from external sources to Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server. Azure MySQL Import will use your physical backup copy stored in Azure Blob storage to provision and restore to MySQL flexible server.


Private Preview in Q4 CY23


MySQL Discovery & Assessment in Azure Migrate

With this functionality, you can use Azure Migrate to discover MySQL servers in your environment, assess them by identifying their compatibility for moving to Azure Database for MySQL, and receive compute and storage SKU recommendations along with their costs.


Private Preview in Q1 CY24


Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Support for Azure Database for MySQL in Microsoft Defender for Cloud will enable you to easily detect anomalous activities indicating unusual and potentially harmful attempts to access or exploit databases, without the need for advanced security monitoring systems or security experts.


Private Preview in Q1 CY24

Flexible maintenance options

Building upon our existing system-managed and custom-managed maintenance windows, the following new flexible maintenance options aim to elevate user convenience and operational flexibility in server maintenance: 

  • Reschedule window: Tailor maintenance schedules to suit your business rhythm. 

  • On demand maintenance: Instantly initiate maintenance activities using the “Reschedule now” option.  

Public Preview

General Availability 

in Q2 CY24




As we continue to work on new features and functionalities, your feedback is very critical for our improvement. If you wish to enroll in Private Preview for any of the above features, or if you have any suggestions for or queries about the service, email us at


To learn more about what's new with Flexible Server, see What's new in Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements by following us on social media: YouTube | LinkedIn | Twitter.


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