Integration of Azure Machine Learning with Microsoft Purview

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Previously in the blog post Bringing ML assets to the Microsoft Purview Data Map we announced the public preview of Azure Machine Learning assets in Microsoft Purview. With the integration, AI/ML and data professionals can benefit from data discovery, lineage tracking and responsible AI governance in the whole MLOps lifecycle. The integration is only available for the enterprise version of Microsoft Purview.


Source registration

You can find a new source type named “Azure Machine Learning” in Microsoft Purview Data Map to register your Azure Machine Learning workspace. After the registration, the metadata from Azure Machine Learning resources will be automatically pushed to Microsoft Purview on a daily basis.




Discover and manage data assets

After the metadata is pushed to Microsoft Purview, you can explore and manage these Azure Machine Learning assets in Microsoft Purview Data Catalog. For example, you can trace the lineage from the data source to the dataset and onward to the model.




Also you can track the lineage information among different Azure Machine Learning assets.




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