General Availability of Database Migration Service for Oracle in Azure Data Studio

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We are thrilled to announce an addition to our Database Migration Service capability of supporting Oracle to SQL scenario and General availability of the Oracle Assessment and Database schema conversion toolkit . In tune with the changing landscape of user needs, we've crafted a powerful capability that seamlessly blends efficiency, precision, and simplicity, promising to make your migration journey smoother than ever.



Why Migrate?

Shifting from Oracle to SQL opens a world of advantages, from heightened performance and reduced costs to enhanced scalability.


Introducing the Database Migration Service Pack for Oracle

At the core of our enhanced Database Migration Service is the seamless integration with Azure Data Studio Extensions. This dynamic fusion marries the best of Microsoft's Azure platform with the user-friendly interface of Azure Data Studio, ensuring a migration experience that's both intuitive and efficient.




What's Inside the Service Pack:


Holistic Assessment:


Gain deep insights into your Oracle database with comprehensive assessment tools.

Identify potential issues, optimize performance, right-size your target, and enjoy automated translation of Oracle PL/SQL to T-SQL.

Assessment Oracle to SQL

Automated Conversion of Complex Oracle Workloads:


Effortlessly convert Oracle schema to SQL Server format.

The conversion wizard guides you through the process, providing a detailed list of successfully converted objects and highlighting areas that may need manual intervention.

Code Conversion Oracle to SQL

Reusable Interface:


The database conversion employs SQL Project, delivering a familiar development experience.

Reuse and deploy your previous development work, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing efficiency.

Elevate Your Database Experience

Our Database Migration capability is not just a tool; it's a solution to seamlessly transition from Oracle to SQL with ease.Ready to embark on a migration journey that exceeds expectations? Keep an eye out for updates, tutorials, and success stories as we unveil this transformative capability.


Modernize your database, upgrade your possibilities.

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