Author API Management policies using Microsoft Copilot for Azure

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Microsoft Copilot for Azure, now in public preview, introduces policy authoring capabilities for Azure API Management, empowering API developers and administrators to leverage AI assistance to seamlessly author, maintain, and understand API Management policies. 


With Microsoft Copilot for Azure, you can ask questions directly from the API Management policy editing UI in the Azure portal. Whether it’s a question about writing a policy for authentication, rate-limiting, or custom transformations or even a request to describe a complex policy that’s already been written, Microsoft Copilot for Azure delivers prompt, contextually relevant responses. This new capability benefits new users, who can begin writing policies without studying documentation, and can boost the productivity of experienced users. 


Authoring policies 

After you’ve registered for the Copilot preview, you can access the Microsoft Copilot for Azure through a chat interface within the policy editing experience within Azure portal. Ask about the specific policy you intend to construct, no matter if you’re seeking recommendations or complete policy implementations. 


 Microsoft Copilot for Azure generates a policy to remove ‘X-AspNet-Version’ header from the API response. 


Explaining policies 

Get insight into existing policies by requesting descriptions and explanations. This assistance proves invaluable in navigating the intricacies of pre-existing policies, particularly those created by former colleagues, as Microsoft Copilot for Azure untangles the complexity and provides clarity.  


 Microsoft Copilot for Azure explains the section with a policy for validating JWT. 


Converting policies 

Many enterprises employ multiple API management offerings from different vendors. Microsoft Copilot for Azure can help such customers translate API management policies from one offering to another, simplifying managing and migrating APIs across diverse set of solutions. 


Microsoft Copilot for Azure converts Apigee policy into Azure API Management policy. 


How to get started? 

Click here to sign up for Microsoft Copilot for Azure preview and check out the documentation for authoring API Management policies with Microsoft Copilot. Your input is crucial for our ongoing improvement, and we invite you to share your feedback using the upvote/downvote buttons found in the Microsoft Copilot for Azure’s chat interface. 

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