Microsoft Learn Launches a New Series on Generative AI for Innovators

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Are you a student entrepreneur or aspiring founder wondering how AI tools can help you innovate better and launch your startup faster? If yes, then you are in luck!
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Generative AI for Innovators Series

We are happy to announce that the AI Kick-off Projects collection has been enriched with a new series - Generative AI for Innovators, designed for aspiring AI entrepreneurs to learn how to use the power of AI to generate ideas, prototypes, and business models for your startup(s).
In this series, you will learn how to use AI tools such as GPT-4 and DALL-E, to create original and impactful solutions for real-world problems. You will also learn how to use AI to prototype and test your product, and how to generate a viable business model for your startup.
The best part is you don’t need any prior experience in business or entrepreneurship to join this series. All you need is a curious mind and a passion for innovation. By completing this series, you will not only gain valuable skills and knowledge, but also improve your chances of winning the Imagine Cup, Microsoft’s global competition for student developers and innovators.

Generative AI for Innovators Learn Modules


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Challenge Project - Use Generative AI for ideation.


In this challenge project, you will use Bing Chat to go through an ideation session and generate a one-slide summary of an idea, ready for implementation. This would be a great challenge project to complete at the beginning of a hackathon.
Challenge Project - Using Generative AI for Prototyping and MVP Creation


In this challenge project, Bing Chat guides you on how to create prototypes/ mock-ups of your solution and on implementing the project.
Challenge Project - Use Generative AI to create a Business Model for your startup.


In this challenge project, you assume the role of a Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and take on the task of creating a Business Strategy/ Model using the Business Model Canvas Template guide.


But you won't do it alone. You will Co-create this vision with AI, and together you'll ideate, research and brand to kick start your startup and set it up for success.


Imagine Cup 2024 Preparation!

Complete these modules to turn your brilliant ideas into Startup projects and to gear up for the Imagine Cup 2024 Student competition. The modules can also help you prepare for your next hackathon, so bookmark and have them handy to help you create top-notch, quality materials for a next hackathon idea and increase your chances of winning.


Lastly, help us improve this content for you.

Once you go through the Learn modules, please give us feedback on areas we can improve on, and additional content that would be helpful to you as you kickstart your journey as an AI entrepreneur. 


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