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Digital Marketing Content (DMC) OnDemand works as a personal digital marketing assistant and delivers fresh, relevant and customised content and share on social, email, website, or blog. It runs 3-to-12-week digital campaigns that include to-customer content and to-partner resources. This includes an interactive dashboard that will allow partners to track both campaign performance and leads generated in real time and to schedule campaigns in advance


NOTE: To access localised versions, click the product area link, then select the language from the drop-down menu.



The world and how we work are rapidly changing. The opportunities for Microsoft partners—whether you build and sell services, software solutions, or devices—are significant. The capabilities that are required by our customers are evolving, and our partner programs are changing to meet that demand.

The Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program is focused on simplifying our programs, delivering greater customer value, investing in your growth in new ways, and recognizing how you deliver customer value. Check out links below to learn more:



If you’re still new to DMC, you can find program decks with links to recorded demos here. This collection of resources expands all of our digital services.




If you’re just returning to DMC or just want a quick recap of the updates we’ve made, you can find them under ”Program Updates” of the Resources section in DMC, which can also be found by clicking the help icon on the top right.


In addition to English, the DMC user interface now supports additional languages. To update, go to your profile, click the edit button on the top right, and then select your preferred language from the drop down menu in the “your information” section.




If you’d like to speak with someone directly, please join our monthly office hours on January 4, 2024 (occurs the first Thursday of each month.) We offer morning and evening (PST) sessions to accommodate different time zones.




We're always working on making DMC a better experience for you. If you have 5 minutes to review your current experience with DMC, we’d love to hear your thoughtsNOTE: All submissions are anonymous, so please reach out to us if you need support, or join our office hours the first Thursday of each month.   

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