Top Takeaways from Unlocking the Channel Opportunity: Strategies for Marketplace Success

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If you missed the recent webinar on unlocking the channel opportunity strategies for marketplace success, don't worry, we've got you covered! This session covered how to activate the Microsoft commercial marketplace for your go-to-market strategy and explored best practices for maximizing the marketplace opportunity, with an emphasis on collaborative selling with other partners. Here are some of the top takeaways from the presentation by Kristen Maddox and Jason Rook, from Microsoft's marketplace team. 

  • The cloud marketplace is a huge and growing opportunity for ISVs and partners, with an estimated value of $50 billion by 2025. Some of the drivers of this growth include the shift to modern procurement, the cost and efficiency benefits for ISVs and customers, and the ecosystem and co-selling advantages.

  • The marketplace helps ISVs reach every Microsoft customer, simplify sales by handling global commerce, and unlock growth by accessing the Microsoft partner and field ecosystem.

    • By publishing your app on the marketplace, you can expose it to millions of Microsoft customers who are looking for cloud solutions that work with Microsoft products and services.

    • By selling your app through the marketplace, you can leverage Microsoft's billing and payment infrastructure, which supports over 140 markets and 17 currencies, and reduces your operational overhead and complexity.

    • By partnering with Microsoft, you can access the Microsoft partner ecosystem, which consists of over 400,000 partners who can resell, co-sell, or integrate your app with their solutions. You can also access the Microsoft field sellers, who are incentivized to co-sell your app with Microsoft products and services, and who can help you reach enterprise customers and close larger deals.

  • The marketplace also helps customers increase efficiency, buy confidently, and spend smarter by using their cloud commitments to purchase third-party solutions. Through marketplace, customers can:

    • Find and buy solutions that are compatible with their Microsoft cloud products and services, such as Azure, M365, or Teams, and that meet their business needs and industry standards.

    • Reduce the vendor onboarding and procurement processes by buying from Microsoft as a trusted provider and using their existing contracts and billing methods.

    • Leverage their Azure consumption commitments, which are pre-paid cloud spend that they agree to with Microsoft, to buy third-party solutions from the marketplace and get discounts or incentives.

    • Optimize their cloud spend by having better visibility and control over their usage and costs, and by choosing the best pricing and licensing options for their solutions.

  • There are three paths for ISVs to get their solutions to customers through the marketplace

    • Direct is when the ISV publishes their solution and the customer buys it from the marketplace, either at list price or with a private offer.

    • Through CSP is when the ISV works with a cloud solution provider partner who sells their solution to SMB customers on a CSP contract, either at list price or with a private offer.

    • Through selling partner is when the ISV works with a partner who sells their solution to enterprise customers on an enterprise contract, with a multi-party private offer.

  • ISVs should leverage Marketplace Rewards, a free program that Microsoft offers to ISVs who publish their solutions on the marketplace. Key benefits include:
    • GTM support: This includes optimizing your product display page, getting featured on Microsoft marketing channels, and accessing best practices and guidance for marketplace success.

    • Azure sponsorship: This is a way to get Azure credits that you can use for your own development, testing, or demo purposes, or to offer to your customers as an incentive to close deals. You can unlock up to 100K in Azure sponsorship based on your marketplace sales.

    • Field webinars: This is an opportunity to present your solution to Microsoft field sellers who can help you co-sell and reach more customers. You can unlock a field webinar when you reach a certain level of marketplace sales and co-sell status.


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