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Since we announced our latest enhancements to Defender Experts for XDR in November 2023, we have received positive feedback from our customers, and continue to take in their suggestions as we work to continuously enhance our service to help elevate their security posture and overall experience throughout our partnership. This blog highlights our newest updates that enable you to experience Defender Experts above the fold, giving you more visibility into what our experts are doing on your behalf.


New and improved homepage experience 

As an extended managed detection and response customer, it’s vital to be able to quickly determine what your service provider needs you to do. We’re making that experience more prominent with our new Defender Experts overview banner. This banner, located at the very top of the Microsoft Defender XDR homepage, will be your one-stop shop for your primary Defender Experts needs. For example, if you’re just getting started with our service, the Defender Experts overview banner will prompt you to complete our onboarding wizard, so you can easily get up and running with our service. 



Figure 1. Screenshot of Microsoft Defender XDR homepage featuring the new Defender Experts banner. 


Furthermore, once you’re onboarded to the Defender Experts for XDR service, the banner will show relevant operational data. This will help you quickly understand any incidents that require your immediate action and provide a summary of how many incidents Defender Experts has handled recently. 



Figure 2. Screenshot of Microsoft Defender Experts banner that shows the number of incidents that require action from a customer. 


Enhanced Reporting 

Our Defender Experts for XDR report has shown fundamental data that highlights the efficacy of our service. This includes our incident coverage, efficiency, and incident volumes stratified by their severities and threat categories. We’re excited to add two new widgets to our report, giving customers even more visibility into the work we’re doing to help keep their organizations secure.



Figure 3. Screenshot of a Microsoft Defender Experts report that shows the percentage of incidents resolved and incidents by severity and category. 


First, our report now includes actionable insights that show customers their most impacted users and devices. You can see how many incidents their most impacted assets were involved in, and drill down to see the corresponding incidents, their classification, and any managed response actions published or carried out by Defender Experts. 



Figure 4. Screenshot of Defender Experts report portion that shows the most impacted assets. 


The enhanced report also breaks down incidents based on service sources, giving customers real-time visibility into the volume of incidents detected by individual Microsoft Defender products, and resolved by Defender Experts. This enables your SOC team to tangibly observe how Defender Experts effectively protects your attack surfaces daily. 



Figure 5. Screenshot of Defender Experts report portion that shows incidents by service source. 


To learn more about our service, visit the Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR web page, read the Defender Experts for XDR docs page, or watch our explainer video. You can also visit our Tech Community Discussion Space to ask questions, engage in conversations, and share your expertise and feedback.  

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