MVP’s Favorite Content: Various Security Topics

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In this blog series dedicated to Microsoft's technical articles, we'll highlight our MVPs' favorite article along with their personal insights.


Tetsuro Takao, Developer Technologies MVP, Japan

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The Microsoft 365 Maturity Model – Governance, Risk, and Compliance Competency | Microsoft Learn

“If you engage in the consulting strategy process or security approach of a company's business, it is great content for you. It describes how to build up the Microsoft 365 Maturity Model of the company. Also, when writing blogs or articles and so on, if it's difficult to judge the usage of the words "Governance", "Compliance" or "Policy" properly, the contents help these situations."

*Relevant Blog: Introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Companies – Processtune Blog


Elie Karkafy, Security, Enterprise Mobility MVP, United States

Elie Karkafy.jpg

Introducing the new PowerShell Module for Microsoft Defender for Identity

“Through security reports and user profile analytics, Defender for Identity significantly reduces your organizational attack surface, making it harder for attackers to compromise user credentials and advance their attacks.”

*Relevant Blog: Unlocking the MDI Secrets: Configuring Microsoft Defender for Identity | LinkedIn


Yuka Tanabe, Business Applications MVP, Japan

Yuka Tanabe.jpg

Secure the default environment - Power Platform | Microsoft Learn

“For administrators of Power Platform, managing environments is a constant concern. This is especially true for those who struggle with managing the default environment that is accessible to all users.

This content summarizes key points to keep in mind when managing the default environment, presented as best practices.”

(In Japanese: Power Platformの管理者にとって、環境の管理をどのように行うかは悩みが尽きない点です。特にすべてのユーザーがアクセスできる既定の環境の運用に悩まれている管理者の方は多いのではないでしょうか。


*Relevant Activities:

- In the "Honto ni Kimama" community, we are hosting events related to Power Platform management.

(In Japanese: 「ほんとに気まま」というコミュニティでPower Platform管理系のイベントを開催しています。)

- On July 2, 2024, during "Mokumoku Panda-chan #06", we held a discussion about this content.

(In Japanese: 2024/07/02「もくもくぱんだちゃん #06」にて、本コンテンツに関するディスカッションを実施しました。)


Sou Ishizaki, Microsoft Azure MVP, Japan

Sou Ishizaki.jpg

Service Endpoints vs Private Endpoints - Microsoft Community Hub

“This article summarizes the characteristics and differences between "Service Endpoint" and "Private Endpoint," which can be challenging to distinguish clearly. When I am unsure, I can refer back to this article.”

(In Japanese: 厳密な違いを掴みにくい「Service Endpoint」と「Private Endpoint」について、それぞれの特徴や違いをまとめた記事。迷ったら本記事に戻ってきます。)

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