Introducing SharePoint Embedded: Microsoft 365 features for Your Marketplace App

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If you manage files and documents as part of your app, Microsoft SharePoint Embedded is a new product that makes it easier than ever to do this in a trusted, reliable way, while surfacing Microsoft 365 features as part of your app.  In this webinar Microsoft’s Principal Product Manager, Akanksha Rakesh, and I share a technical overview of the product, information on M365 integration and billing, and much more.


Microsoft SharePoint Embedded is a cloud-based file and document management system suitable for use in any application. SharePoint Embedded is a new API-only solution that enables app developers to harness the power of the Microsoft 365 file and document storage platform for any app and is suitable for enterprises building line of business applications and ISVs building multitenant applications. 


In this webinar you will learn about: 

  • The core business problem that SharePoint Embedded solves is providing a unified content platform for enterprises that have multiple applications with different document repositories and capabilities. 
  • A technical overview of SharePoint Embedded, including its architecture, features, permissions, integration with M365 experiences and Microsoft Purview, and billing models.  A few of the SharePoint Embedded technical features covered are: 
    • Create a dedicated partition within the M365 tenant to store files and documents with consistent security, compliance, collaboration, and content AI features. 
    • Manages files and documents inside SharePoint Embedded containers, a new, lightweight approach designed for apps. 
    • Containers are flexible, scalable, and integrated with M365 experiences such as Office, Teams, and Purview.  
    • Supports a consumptive billing model with two options: ISV-led billing and direct-to-customer billing.  
    • Provides enterprise manageability with PowerShell, SharePoint Admin UX, and Graph APIs.  
    • Supports a new admin role for logical isolation and separation of concerns.  
  • Hear how Peppermint Connect, a legal workflow solution, leverages SharePoint Embedded for document management within Teams and Outlook 

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