Navigating Billing & Payouts in Azure Marketplace: Insights from Mastering the Marketplace

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital commerce, understanding the intricacies of billing and payouts is paramount for vendors looking to thrive in platforms like the Azure Marketplace. In this Mastering the Marketplace session, our subject matter experts delve deep into the nuances of setting up Billing and Payouts, offering invaluable guidance for those venturing into the realm of transactable offers. Led by the Marketplace FastTrack team, this webinar not only provides a comprehensive overview of how payouts operate within the Azure Marketplace but also sheds light the intricate monthly payout processes. Join us as we unravel the complexities of billing and payouts, empowering vendors with the knowledge needed to navigate the Azure Marketplace with confidence and success.


Key areas covered:


Billing and Payouts

  • Learn how to set up your tax and payout profile for the Azure Marketplace 
    • Setting up your Partner Center account and information on setting up taxes
    • Setting up users (add, create, remove) and roles & permissions
    • How to validate Partner Center account information
    • Create a tax and payout profile with guides and scenarios, for both US and foreign publishers, to help determine the best tax profile for your business scenario. 
    • Create a payout profile in the currency to be paid. 
    • Create a profile where the payout should be routed to.  
  • Understand billing and payout process cycle
    • Currency- covers pricing of transactable offers and currency exchange impacts from the customer purchase to the publisher payout
    • Payout Schedule- based on the type of purchase made in the Azure Marketplace such as usage/consumption
    • Payout Requirements- provides information on when a publisher is eligible for payout
    • Payout Timeline- payouts typically dispersed on or before the 15th of each month in the currency selected when setting up the payment profile.  Payment can take up to 10 business days to receive based on the payment method used
  • Explore the Partner Center Revenue dashboard and Earnings report
    • Walk through demo of the Revenue Dashboard and Earnings Report features, use cases, and details on best practices

To expand your knowledge on Billing and Payouts you can watch the full webinar to hear detailed information on this Mastering the Marketplace session.  Register to watch the full recording of the webinar Billing and Payouts


There are many resources provided in the session that will help you navigate the Billing and Payment set up process. We have listed them below for your convenience.


Additional Mastering the Marketplace sessions are available Live and OnDemand to provide publishers with resources to successfully publish your solution to the Commercial Marketplace


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