Access Releases 11 Issue Fixes in Version 2403 (Released March 27th, 2024)

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In this blog post, we highlight some of the fixed issues that our Access engineers released in the current monthly channel.  


If you see a bug that impacts you, and if you are on the current monthly channel Version 2403, you should have these fixes. Make sure you are on Access Build # 16.0.17425.20138 or greater. 


Bug Name 

Issue Fixed  

Error “Primary key already exists.” when refreshing a link to a SQL Server table.

This error could be generated when using the Refresh Link menu item for a linked table and would also produce Error 3283 when using the TableDef.RefreshLink method in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code. This error was also fixed in Version 2402. 

Data in the extended range of supported characters is not displayed correctly when imported from an Outlook folder. 

Some characters would display as ‘?’ rather than the correct character in the import/link wizard. 

Options in the Paste Special dialog are not displayed correctly in some languages when pasting a hyperlink. 

Options should now display in the correct language.

When pasting from a Hyperlink field to a Rich Text field, data in the extended range of supported characters may not display correctly.

Some characters would display as ‘?’ rather than the correct character in the Rich Text field. 


When specifying the description of a database template, data in the extended range of supported characters may not display correctly when using the template to create a new database.


Some characters would display as ‘?’ rather than the correct character in the new database dialog when using the template. 


Cannot create a new database from a template if a table name contains an ampersand (&).

If a database template were created from a database that contained a table with an ampersand (&) in the name then trying to create a new database using the template would generate an error, “Template could not be instantiated.” Instead, you will now get an error when trying to save the template that the table name that contains an ampersand is not supported. 

Error when trying to import/link text or Excel files.

Access was always attempting to open text/Excel files exclusively (denying any other access) when importing/linking to the file. This meant that if another application had opened the file for shared access, then the import/link operation would fail. Access will now open the file in a shared mode to allow the operation to succeed. 

Filename for exported file is not correct when it uses the extended range of supported characters 

Some characters were replaced with an underscore (_) in the filename, rather than using the character specified by the user. 

No error displayed when there is a failure trying to switch tabs in a Navigation Form.

When switching tabs in a navigation form, a new form may be loaded. If an error occurs when Access attempts to load the new form, then an error message indicating the cause of failure will now be displayed. Previously the form failed to load, but no notification was given. 

Text for the ribbon button to set the alternate row color for a datasheet reads “Alternative Row Colour” in British English. 

The text now reads “Alternate Row Colour.” 

The term Report is incorrectly localized in some versions of Access. 

Some terms need to remain in English for expressions to function correctly, so the localization caused the expression builder to fail to build valid expressions. 


Please continue to let us know if this is helpful and share any feedback you have.  

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