Getting ready for AI: Sharing data for the greater good

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On the mainstage at the Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit, panelists discussed how a collaborative, cohesive data strategy is foundational to AI innovation and can power nonprofit missions. 


From honing disaster response to building cultures of collaboration, inclusion, and integrity, the panelists explain how common data initiatives and large language models (LLMs) are working for the greater good. 


Watch the discussion to see what these nonprofit leaders are doing to lay a solid foundation for responsible AI. 


The panelists:  


The summary generated by Microsoft Copilot:  

  • Data collaboration for social impact:  Justin Spelhaug introduced the Open Data for Social Impact Framework and the Generosity AI Working Group as resources and examples of best practices for data sharing and AI solutions in the nonprofit sector.  (Video timestamp 1:59) 
  • DataKind and Save the Children partnership:  Lauren Woodman and John Saltner shared their experience of working together on the Humanitarian Data Insights Project, which aims to leverage large language models and other AI tools to improve data access, analysis, and coordination for humanitarian response.  (29:24) 
  • Data privacy and ethics:  Sharmina Singh highlighted the importance of keeping integrity and inclusion at the forefront of data and AI projects and shared the data principles of  (35:1351:17)  
  • Data capacity and interoperability:  Several questions from the audience addressed the challenges of consolidating, standardizing, and sharing data within and across organizations.  (45:451:02:21)  


Watch the panel discussion: 



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