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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 214 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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AML CFT Shield: Simplify compliance review during customer onboarding by assessing the risk of money laundering and terrorism financing with the AML CFT Shield app. It includes customer identification, due diligence assessment, and risk assessment modules for high to low-risk profiles. The app follows FATF guidelines and records all identified risks in a register with mitigation actions. 
Animator by Squillion: Animator by Squillion is a data visualization tool that offers a variety of themes, icons, and customizable features to create engaging visuals and drive conversations about data. It allows users to add animations, customize data points, and create personalized tooltips. It empowers decision-makers by seamlessly integrating into reporting platforms such as Microsoft Power BI. 
Blink Automation Platform: Blink is a security automation tool that uses generative AI to automate everyday security workflows. It offers over 7,000 automations in its library and can help teams turn manual tasks into repeatable workflows, enforce security policies, and bridge communication gaps between tools. It can automate workflows for SOC and incident response, identity and access management, and more.
ClaraOne for Rural and Federally Qualified Health Centers: This all-in-one chronic care tracking and reporting solution simplifies care management for healthcare organizations. It tracks patient data, engagement, care plans, and transitions while providing robust audit trails. ClaraOne integrates with Microsoft 365 and adheres to industry-leading standards for compliance and security.
Clobbi ERP 2024: Clobbi is a universal multi-service platform that automates enterprise services, ensuring unity across all systems. It meets MRPII, MES, APS, and ERP standards and its integrated low code/no code productivity tools are designed to enhance workflows and help you achieve digital transformation.  
Clone List Item Extension for Microsoft SharePoint: The Clone List Item extension for SharePoint streamlines list management by allowing users to duplicate items with ease and precision. It accurately copies all item properties, including metadata and custom fields, and supports attachments. Confirmation pop-ups and success notifications ensure a secure and smooth user experience. 
DnA Accelerator for Financial Services: HSO's DnA Accelerator for financial services leverages data and AI to transform financial institutions into modern, secure, data-driven powerhouses that prioritize customer experiences. The accelerator utilizes Microsoft Azure data and AI services to help firms improve financial planning, revenue, risk management, customer relationships, and more. 
DnA Accelerator for Manufacturing: HSO's DnA Accelerator for manufacturing is an innovative analytics solution that provides a unified platform for seamless data integration and comprehensive analytics capabilities. The accelerator utilizes Microsoft Azure data and AI services to offers better insight into inventory forecasting, turnover, stockout rate, gross margin ROI, order accuracy, and order lead time.
Energize Office Space with Eekox: Eekox revitalizes empty offices with experienced professionals and an IA platform, making them more attractive to employees and potential hires. Eekox does not manage facilities but matches user needs with the appropriate office space and automates the check-in and check-out process with QR codes. Reinvent your office space and generate profits with Eekox.
Ermes Enterprise: This plug-and-play cybersecurity solution for midsize-to-large enterprises provides comprehensive protection across desktop and mobile platforms. Its AI capabilities detect and block emerging threats, safeguarding sensitive data and mitigating human errors. Ermes caters to various industries and sectors affected by the NIS 2 directive and safeguards against evolving cyber risks. 
ESGenius! - The Sustainability OS: ESGenius! is a cloud-based platform that uses AI and CBA to help users collect sustainability data, develop KPIs, monitor progress, and share reports with stakeholders and investors. It eliminates human error and bias from ESG reporting.
EvergreenWorx Cases Pro: EvergreenWorx Cases Pro streamlines customer support with automated email delivery, notifications, and case routing. It also offers internal and external prioritization, work start timers, and tasking and data dashboards. Developed on Microsoft's Power Platform, EvergreenWorx apps are affordable and intuitive, helping small-to-midsize businesses streamline their back office. 
Google Sheets to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform integrates Google Sheets and over 300 other data sources directly into Microsoft Power BI, providing instant access to analytics and handling all API changes, monitoring and maintaining data pipelines, and rapidly developing new connectors. The platform offers streamlined setup and maintenance, predictable pricing, and secure and compliant data handling.

Honeywell Forge for Industrials | Asset Performance Management: Honeywell's SaaS solution combines performance monitoring with machine learning and predictive analytics to improve asset and energy efficiency, extend asset life, and reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance costs. It helps industrial facilities improve performance and expedite analysis in finding the root cause of inefficiencies or impending issues.

Map of Germany - Lands, Districts and Municipalities: This map of Germany offers an easy-to-use, efficient way to present business and statistical data. It allows for precise examination of data at the level of voivodeships, counties, and municipalities, with drill-down options and gradient formatting. The map is accessible for all users and opens up new opportunities for data analysis and decision-making.
MeBeBot AI Platform and Digital Virtual Assistant for Employees: MeBeBot is an AI chatbot that automates answers to employees FAQs, supports remote/hybrid work, and ensures consistent communication and engagement. It installs as an app in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint in under 15 minutes and utilizes generative and verified AI. MeBeBot reduces manual emails and help desk tickets by up to 70 percent and offers real-time employee usage data, targeted push messaging, and pulse surveys. 
MEGA HOPEX (US): MEGA HOPEX is a comprehensive SaaS platform that combines enterprise architecture, data management, business process analysis, and risk management into a single solution. It brings together strategy, business, risk, data, and IT perspectives into a unified platform based on Microsoft Azure. It also leverages automation and AI/ML algorithms to enhance collaboration and decision-making.
MetaMeeting: This smart meeting SaaS application simplifies booking meeting rooms and inviting attendees using Microsoft Teams. It allows users to find a suitable space and time, check availability, and book a meeting room on a mobile device or via the web. The system also provides a record of reservation status.
MetaVisitor: This app simplifies guest invitations by allowing users to confirm visitors via email or mobile number. After a successful invitation is sent, visitors receive an email or SMS with a QR code for registration. Microsoft Teams integration and group invitations are available, and self-service appointment applications can be processed through the My Approval feature.
Omnisient with Microsoft Power BI: The Omnisient app integrates with Microsoft Power BI to provide data visualization within its collaboration environment. It empowers users to unlock the full potential of their data and drive meaningful outcomes. 
Safetica: Safetica is a comprehensive data loss prevention and insider risk management solution that helps companies identify, classify, and protect sensitive data while detecting and mitigating risks posed by insiders. It offers data classification, DLP, cloud data protection, and regulatory compliance solutions. 
Smart IT Outsourcing for Business Growth: CYPROTECK's solution optimizes IT operations and enhances security measures for small businesses, ensuring reliable and efficient IT performance. The platform offers around-the-clock help desk support, proactive monitoring, and robust cybersecurity measures to help your business reduce operational risks and costs while enhancing efficiency through AI predictive analytics. 

Software Adoption Health Check: Powered by Userlane's HEART Analytics (Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, and Task success) this application delivers insights into the adoption and utilization of your software. The assessment measures your internal software adoption metrics, identifies issues, and offers strategic guidance to enhance usage. 

THOR: This AI framework from Tarento offers a personalized business assistant and a multi-channel chatbot for seamless user engagement. THOR integrates cutting-edge technologies such as NLU, NLP, and LLMs to decode user intent and generate natural language responses for seamless interactions.
Thread Software for In-House Legal Teams built on Microsoft 365 (Per User): This Microsoft 365-based solution for in-house legal teams automates low-value work and complex legal workloads to free up your valuable time. It comes with ready-to-use processes, task automation, and reporting, and it scales automatically with your Microsoft environment. Microsoft 365 upgrades and new releases are applied automatically as part of your subscription.
Thread Software for Law Firms, Case Management Software built on Microsoft 365 (Per User): This legal case management solution is integrated with Microsoft 365 and offers ready-to-use processes, task automation, and reporting. It can be customized to match specific business rules and is scalable for small, medium, and large organizations.  Designed for remote working, the software reduces IT complexity and risk.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Fabric in a Day: Half- or 1-Day Workshop: Smartbridge offers a customizable workshop to train Microsoft Power BI users on Microsoft Fabric, an end-to-end analytics platform that integrates various data sources into a unified product. The workshop aims to help organizations consolidate data into a single source of truth, generate meaningful insights, and lay the foundation for the era of AI.
Power BI Embedded: 2-Week Implementation: AlphaBOLD's Power BI Embedded Implementation offers pre-packaged solutions to integrate interactive Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards into existing applications. The implementation process consolidates data from various sources, reduces development time, and maintains control and security.
Copilot for Microsoft 365: 15-Day Proof of Value: This offer is for Microsoft 365 (E3/E5) clients to identify areas of improvement and implement Copilot for Microsoft 365. Computacenter will conduct a proof of value analyze the client's environment. The process includes project launch, technical study, Copilot for Microsoft 365 implementation, value study, and a synthesis report. This offer is available in France.
Acquistion Experience Leveraging Teams Premium: 2-Week Workshop and Implementation: New Era Technology's workshop offers a range of features to help organizations assimilate during and after an acquisition. These include a virtual agent for common questions, migration concierge for complex queries, secure cross-organization collaboration, and tools to improve team dynamics. 
Copilot for Microsoft 365: Adoption and Change Management: Kyndryl helps organizations optimize productivity, collaboration, and security with tailored planning, deployment, adoption, and management of Microsoft 365. It also offers organizational change management services to ensure successful user enablement and adoption. These services provide proactive change tactics, communication, engagement, and enablement activities to maximize user adoption and achieve improved employee experience, increased ROI, ease of adoption, and risk mitigation.
Security Audit: 5-Day Engagement: This IT security audit from Econocom examines firewall, antivirus, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and network security policies. It includes Microsoft solutions like Azure Security Center and Microsoft 365 Defender. The audit process includes evaluating security configurations, identity management, and access controls.
Capgemini Climate Action Planning: Capgemini Climate Action Planning helps track emissions targets and measures toward net zero. It analyzes decarbonization measures across all GHGP scopes, regions, and consumption categories until a defined time horizon. Built on Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, visuals are developed in Power BI.
Change Leadership: Empowering Managers and Leaders for Fabric: The Change Leadership Workshop from iLink Systems equips business leaders, executive management, and managers with practical tools and frameworks for leading change, improving communication and coaching skills, and fostering a culture of innovation and resilience. This offer is ideal for companies looking to refresh and upskill their leaders on transformative initiatives.
Change Leadership: Empowering Managers and Leaders for Power BI: The Change Leadership Workshop from iLink Systems equips business leaders, executive management, and managers with practical tools and frameworks for leading change, improving communication and coaching skills, and fostering a culture of innovation and resilience. This offer is ideal for companies looking to refresh and upskill their leaders on transformative initiatives.
Cloud-Managed Windows Endpoint Migration: 5-Week Pilot Implementation: Microsoft Entra ID-joined Windows clients eliminate the line-of-sight requirements of Windows Server Active Directory, allowing for device and user authentication directly with cloud-based Entra ID. CDI offers a Windows endpoints professional services engagement to help organizations transition to cloud-managed endpoints, including planning, design, training, configuration, and user-awareness training documentation.
Cloud Security Operations Center: Reply's Verified MXDR Service offers around-the-clock security monitoring, threat detection, incident response, and penetration testing services to fortify operations against cyber threats. Its team of security analysts and engineers combine proactive threat hunting with AI-enhanced analytics to preemptively counteract emerging threats. 
Copilot AI Pathfinder Program: Hable's AI Pathfinder Full Program helps organizations explore the potential impact of AI and prepare users for the adoption of Copilot for Microsoft 365. It includes a change readiness assessment, change enablement plans, communications, a learning program, and a review. The program identifies and prepares a cohort of users for the adoption and use of Copilot for Microsoft 365, providing new skills and driving a positive employee experience.
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Adoption Accelerator: The Copilot for Microsoft 365 Adoption Accelerator from The Partner Masters helps organizations smoothly adopt Copilot for Microsoft 365 by creating a customized adoption plan. The plan includes a Center of Excellence and Champion program, training and communication schedules, and a feedback loop.
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Deployment Offer: Fortevento provides a comprehensive service to implement and adopt Copilot for Microsoft 365. The service includes a dedicated team of experts, customized deployment plan, secure data governance strategy, tailored adoption and change management program, and post-deployment support. The offer accelerates digital transformation, improves work processes, and enhances collaboration.
Copilot for Microsoft 365: 4-Day Implementation: OfficeGrip will implement Copilot for Microsoft 365 in 4 stages: Prepare, Implement, Adopt, and Improve. The engagement includes creating a business case, implementation, identifying work scenarios, and providing access to an ask-me-anything channel. The service is available in Dutch.
Synergy Advisor Pilot+ Security Engagement: Pilot+ from Synergy Advisors is designed to enhance an organization's security infrastructure by maximizing the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot for Security. The program includes services such as evaluating tenant readiness, implementing use case scenarios, and conducting knowledge transfer sessions.
Synergy Advisor Pilot Security Engagement: Pilot from Synergy Advisors is designed to enhance an organization's security infrastructure by maximizing the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot for Security. The program includes services such as evaluating tenant readiness, implementing use case scenarios, and conducting knowledge transfer sessions.
Copilot for Security POC-in-a-Box: Synergy Advisors offers a comprehensive engagement program that fortifies security infrastructure with proactive threat detection and vulnerability assessments. The program integrates with Microsoft 365 and includes knowledge transfer sessions, promptbooks, and usage monitoring. Synergy Advisors provides consulting and managed services to drive digital transformation and address security concerns and regulatory requirements.
CS Sustainability Engagement App: 1-Week Implementation: Gamification is a great way to integrate sustainability into corporate life. Campana & Schott's workshop teaches how to apply gamification to reduce employees' ecological footprint and educate them about sustainability. A sustainability engagement app offers time-bound challenges, a customizable UI, and an admin panel to track participation and success.
Darktrace Managed Network Sensor: Darktrace's self-learning AI offers real-time threat detection and mitigation for Microsoft 365 environments. It detects and responds to a variety of threats, including new ones that traditional tools may overlook. The explainable AI provides clear reports and augments a security team's decision-making process.
Data Security: 2-Day Workshop: Centric Consulting offers a workshop to help organizations identify their Microsoft 365 data security requirements and provide recommendations to improve their data protection posture using Microsoft Purview controls. The workshop includes an analysis of current data stores and a detailed findings and recommendations document.
Databricks Integration to Microsoft Fabric: 3-Week Implementation: MandelBulb Technologies offers tailored services for Microsoft Azure Databricks customers to maximize the capabilities of Microsoft Fabric. A fully optimized analytics framework will be implemented, including workshops and a bespoke Microsoft Power BI report.
Defend, Protect, Secure with Microsoft Defender XDR: Comtrade will implement Microsoft Defender XDR for a unified security solution that coordinates detection, prevention, investigation, and response across various platforms, bolstering the security framework of organizations utilizing Microsoft 365. The solution provides proactive threat hunting, real-time visibility and analytics, continuous security improvements, and fast onboarding, ensuring a comprehensive defense against the evolving threat landscape.
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Month Implementation: PartnerHelper configures Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to meet customer needs, following best practices at all levels. The process includes discovery, configuration, security setup, migration, quality assurance, training, UAT, go-live, and support. Clarification meetings ensure client satisfaction.
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Implementation: easyconsult will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service for efficient and customer-oriented service management. This offer includes features such as case management, customer interaction, SLAs, knowledge management, queue management, case analysis, self-service options, and integration with other Dynamics 365 modules. This offer is available in Austria and Germany.
Dynamics 365 Needs Assessment for Microsoft Power Platform: 4- to 6-Hour Workshop: This needs assessment from Tietoevry helps organizations optimize business operations by identifying areas where Microsoft Power Platform can drive efficiency and productivity. Consultants assess the overall business value gained from implementing the change to ensure it meets participants' needs and goals.
Empower Frontline Workers with Microsoft 365: 1-Month Implementation: Dimension 4 can implement Microsoft 365 F3 or F1 to frontline workers, including initial setup, communication, collaboration, productivity, engagement, efficiency, final touches, and evaluation. Microsoft 365 F1 includes Teams, SharePoint, and Viva, while F3 includes email, collaboration tools, and more.
End-User Safety App: 2-Week Implementation: This mobile app from Heartland Business Systems lets employees report safety and security incidents using their phones. It uses Microsoft SharePoint Online, Power Apps, and Power Automate to create incident reports, track progress, and search for previous reports. 
Microsoft 365 Migration: Envision IT addresses productivity issues by migrating organizations to Microsoft 365. The solution offers assessment and planning, customization and integration, migration services, security enhancement, training and adoption, and post-migration support. Microsoft 365 provides productivity, collaboration, and security features, including real-time co-authoring, AI-powered tools, and robust security safeguards.
Establishing a CoE and CoP to Drive Change Initiatives for Microsoft Fabric: This workshop from iLink Systems teaches how to establish a Community of Excellence (CoE) and Community of Practice (CoP) to drive change initiatives in an organization. It covers the benefits of standardization, education, and reducing overhead, as well as the different types of COEs and roles within them.
Establishing a CoE and CoP to Drive Change Initiatives for Microsoft Power BI: This workshop from iLink Systems teaches how to establish a Community of Excellence (CoE) and Community of Practice (CoP) to drive change initiatives in an organization. It covers the benefits of standardization, education, and reducing overhead, as well as the different types of COEs and roles within them.
eVri/Olinko Cybersecurity Awareness for End Users: 5-Day Program: eVri offers a cybersecurity awareness program for end users with 5 steps, using Microsoft 365 Attack Simulation Training and change management. It includes analysis of employees' current maturity, a phishing campaign, workshops, and milestones.
Full PIM: 1-Week Implementation: Dynamicweb offers a comprehensive implementation of its product information management (PIM) module, including training to ensure users can utilize the solution independently. The PIM engine allows for consolidation, enrichment, and validation of product data in one place, and can be published to any channel for consistent product experiences.
Instructional Content Design for Microsoft Fabric: This offer from iLink Systems provides a guide on applying ADDIE instructional design principles to create effective content for change management. It includes a timeline, iterative framework, scenario-based questions, and learning options, making it ideal for companies seeking to develop impactful instructional content for their change management efforts.
Instructional Content Design for Microsoft Power BI: This offer from iLink Systems provides a guide on applying ADDIE instructional design principles to create effective content for change management. It includes a timeline, iterative framework, scenario-based questions, and learning option, making it ideal for companies seeking to develop impactful instructional content for their change management efforts.
Merger and Acquisition with Microsoft 365 and Azure: 10-Week Migration: Neway Technologies offers a six-step plan to streamline the integration of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Entra tenants for merged companies. The process includes discovery, assessment, design, planning, migration, and post-migration support. The solution leverages SaaS services for communications, collaboration, and security to create a unified Microsoft environment.
Microsoft 365 Apps, Email, and OneDrive Migration: Dimension4 offers seamless email migration to Microsoft 365, handling mailbox migration, user self-service, collaboration spaces, training and support, and partner collaboration. Benefits include efficiency, security, scalability, and continuous accessibility.
Microsoft Copilot for Security: 6-Hour Workshop: Microsoft Copilot for Security is a generative AI solution that fortifies an organization's IT defenses. The technology is built on zero trust principles and provides a competitive edge in the digital threat landscape. Attend a Copilot for Security workshop to gain a holistic understanding of the technology, explore integration with existing Microsoft 365 Defender products, and learn how different personas can leverage the solution effectively.
Microsoft Fabric Tasting: 10-Day Trial: Loihde Oyj offers a trial of Microsoft Fabric for customers in Finland to test its functionalities for data management solutions. The trial includes familiar data and use cases and involves the company's own users. The service includes defining use cases, setting up a Fabric proof of concept environment, testing, and discussing results for potential production use.
Microsoft Fabric: 4-Hour Online Workshop: Cloud Services offers a theoretical and practical workshop for Microsoft Fabric, an all-encompassing solution for data management, analytics, and business intelligence. It offers seamless integration and cloud-scale analytics and is built on the foundation of software as a service.
Microsoft Sentinel Security Consulting Service: Maximize your investment in Microsoft Sentinel with expert consulting services from Comtrade System Integration. Tailored deployments and comprehensive security analyses ensure security features in Microsoft 365 are maximized, directly addressing specific organizational threats and enhancing security posture. Businesses benefit from enhanced security, reduced costs, and more efficient operations in their Microsoft 365 environment.
Microsoft Sentinel Workshop and Pilot: CDW offers a cloud-based SIEM and SOAR solution with AI-powered threat detection and suspicious activity hunting. It provides configuration recommendations for security, governance, and compliance in multicloud solutions.
Microsoft Teams Voice Deployment and Adoption: This engagement from Dimension4 aims to integrate Microsoft Teams into existing telephony infrastructure for efficient communication through calls. It involves verifying supported SBC devices, provisioning phone numbers, configuring essential components, validating configuration, enabling users, providing user training, and monitoring and maintaining performance.
Modern Management for Endpoints: ivision's Modern Management for Endpoints is a cloud-based service that helps businesses manage their enterprise endpoint estate, including Microsoft Windows desktops, mobile devices, BYOD, device provisioning, and security/compliance requirements. It provides a comprehensive and cost-effective management and security service for both physical and virtual endpoints, with support for Windows 10 Autopilot enrollment and management.
Windows 11 Pilot Deployment: Microsoft Windows 11 offers features for security, mobility, and productivity. A Windows 11 engagement from CDW evaluates participants' readiness and deploys Windows 11 with minimal business impact.
IT Security: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Econocom will evaluate the effectiveness of Microsoft security solutions in a test environment, focusing on Azure Security Center and Microsoft 365 Defender for incident detection and response. Benefits include realistic attack simulations, evaluation of security alerts, and automatic configuration recommendations.
Power Automate: 4-Hour Workshop: This workshop from Infinity Digital demonstrates how to use Microsoft Power Automate to streamline workflows and increase efficiency. Participants will get hands-on experience building and optimizing workflows, learn advanced design techniques, and gain insights from experienced instructors. The workshop covers integration with external services and real-world scenarios.
Provisioning App: 1-Day Implementation: InSpark's provisioning app automates the process of requesting and creating Microsoft Teams or SharePoint sites, reducing the burden on IT departments. The app is configured to apply organizational policies and can be linked to primary systems like ERP. Offered as SaaS, it provides immediate access to new functionalities and is monitored for timely problem resolution.
Secure Hybrid Work: ivision's Hybrid Work offering empowers organizations to establish a work-from-anywhere employee experience while safeguarding business assets. Its standardized security approach with Zero Trust enhances integrated security tools and protection policies for assets and platforms built on Microsoft cloud solutions, maximizing ROI and increasing business productivity.
Security and Compliance Administrator on Demand: 1-Day Consulting Service: IT Partner offers a service to maximize the value of Microsoft 365 by ensuring secure and compliant environments. An expert will conduct audits, identify gaps and risks, implement tailored policies, and provide ongoing monitoring and support. Customers collaborate to define requirements and participate in regular reviews.
Teams Collab Rapid Deploy: ivision's offer helps clients plan and deploy a Microsoft Teams collaboration environment for specific use cases. The 30-day service option establishes a baseline for Teams and develops a template for defined use cases. The 90-day option expands on the MVP deployment and identifies other use cases that can be automated using Microsoft Power Platform.
Teams Phone Rapid Deploy: ivision's offer helps clients plan and deploy a Microsoft Teams Phone and conferencing environment. It includes workshops, design sessions, deployment plans, and configuration of operational governance plans. The service supports different user personas and offers auxiliary services for Teams Phone, such as support for direct routing and live event admin.
Accelerate your Copilot Adoption: 3-Month Implementation: TECHAMPION offers Copilot for Microsoft 365 solution services for deployment, adoption, and change management. Its adoption approach includes technical readiness, user enablement, and extensibility for business process transformation. Use cases include data analysis, compliance, customer service, sales, document creation, email management, recruitment, and project management.
Fabric Change Management and Adoption Support: iLink Systems offers a range of services for Microsoft Fabric adoption, including readiness assessment, customized roadmap, communication planning, governance frameworks, workshops, and office hours. 
Windows 365 Pilot: CDW offers a Microsoft Windows 365 cloud PC pilot for organizations to provide employees with a familiar Windows desktop experience on all devices, increasing productivity and scalability. CDW tailors solutions to meet customer needs and budget.
Windows 365 Rapid Deploy: ivision's rapid deployment for Windows 365 is a value solution for hybrid workforces, providing on-demand workspaces and cost efficiencies. It includes virtual workshops, deployment plans, and support for Intune Management. The service options include enhanced security, end-user onboarding, Microsoft 365 integration, and Intune integration.
Build a Custom Copilot Using Generative and Conversational AI: Microsoft Copilot Studio allows easy creation of AI-powered copilots for various purposes, including customer support, process automation, and personalized assistance. It offers a user-friendly interface, custom GPTs, plugin integration, and built-in analytics. Compusoft will demonstrate how copilots can automate repetitive tasks, simplify complex workflows, and guide users through steps efficiently.
Zones Teamwork Deployment: Zones offers Microsoft collaboration tools deployment and management services, including Teams, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online. This offer help organizations mitigate common challenges and optimize utilization, driving success and enhancing customer lifetime value. 

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AI Permit Processing Assistant
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Auzilium Base for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
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BE-terna Fashion Connector to POS
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Business Value Assessment for Higher Education: 2-Day Workshop
Cavallo Profit Analytics
CGI Credit Studio
Clone List Item Extension for SharePoint
Co-City Dispatch Management
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Readiness: 4-Week Assessment
COSMO Webservice Connector
CX Connect for Nonprofit
Data Preservation for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform
Data Security and Governance: 4- to 6-Week Assessment
Data8 Data Integrity
DATEV Data Service for Microsoft Teams
DeepSign Integration for Microsoft Outlook
Deferred Revenue/Expense Management by Infotek
Delivery Trust
DS Risk and Surety
Dynamics 365 Implementation: 4-Week Business Value Assessment
Dynamics 365 Power Platform Center of Excellence: 4-Week Assessment
Dynamics 365 Solution Assessment: 4-Week Assessment
Dynapro Quality Management
Dynasoft Real Estate Management
E-mail Archival Automation
Electronic Banking Extension IT
Eviden's Robotics Process Automation on Microsoft Azure and Power Platform
Fleet Management
Forrit ONE - Enterprise Web CMS
Fractal Integrated Analytical Platform (IAP)
FreshFocus for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Frontline Worker Assessment for Manufacturers: Half-Day Assessment
Fujitsu Personalized Marketing Service (CTP)
Fundamentals by Reorg
Generative AI-Copiloted CSR Writing for Clinical Research
Generative AI-Copiloted Patient Safety Narratives Writing
Generative AI-Copiloted Protocol Writing
Geoson Extension Hub
Unified Endpoint Management: 2-Week Proof of Concept
Go4TMS - Self-billing
GPS Mobile - Vehicle Tracking Devices
Hipla for Microsoft Outlook
HomeBuilder Tarion Integration
IB Core Management
Intelligent Automation: 8-Week Assessment
AuroraPrime Electronic Data Capture System for Clinical Trials
Intune Consulting Service
ipushpull Enterprise
Kanban Task Board
KUMAVISION trade365 PPE (Safety Equipment)
LeadAngel Lead Management
ListAlpha CRM
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MERP MInsure360
Metris Plant InSights
Copilot for Microsoft 365 & AI Readiness Assessment
Copilot for Microsoft 365: Consultation
Microsoft Cybersecurity Assessment
Microsoft Intune: 1-Month Assessment
Microsoft Planner Premium Discovery and Demo
National Bank of Serbia (NBS) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Navitrans 365 Truck Appointment
NetDocuments Email Management for Microsoft Outlook
Nomis QualityDesk
Noray Htl: API
Noray Htl: API (POS)
Notification Unleashed
Number to Words for Microsoft Excel
OurVoice by The Martec
Packaging Management
Panik Button
Phelix AI Fax Inbox Assistant (Healthcare)
Plus Icon Library for PowerPoint
Power Platform CoE Setup and Governance: 7-Week Assessment
Power Platform Discovery Workshop: 1-Day Assessment
Power Platform Modernization Audit - eVri/2commit
Dynamics 365 CRM/Customer Engagement: Implementation and Audit
Prompt Wagon - DIY Low Code Generative AI Chatbot
Protege AI
Windows 11 Readiness Assessment
RecordTS v7 Single Server Edition
Redoflow Current State Analysis: 1-Week Assessment
Retail Incident Reporting Solution
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Security Assessment
ENEM Mock Exams
Sinch Conversational Banking for Financial Services
Sinch Conversational Care
Sinch Conversational Commerce for Retail
Sinch Conversational Marketing for Automotive
Sinch Conversational Marketing for Travel/Hospitality
Sport and Event OPplus Suite
SuperOffice CRM
Ticketcounter E-Ticketing Solution
Toggles for Microsoft Outlook
Total Safety
TransitionManager for OMA Triage
TRASER ECM Connect 365 x d.velop
Treasury Cube Treasury Management System
TTS Turbo Macros for Microsoft Excel
Umpire Credit Analysis of BanksGlobal Umpire Incorporated
unitop Tenants Association Add-On for Dynamics 365 Business Central
Vinya Turkish Translation Package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Vitals AI: Video-Based Health Screening Solution
WMS Core for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
XPL Travel for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


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