Azure Verified Modules – Monthly Update [April]

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Azure Verified Modules Quarterly Community Call!

That's right folks! You are reading that correctly. On the 21st of May the Azure Verified Modules Microsoft Team will be hosting an external community call in which contributors, consumers and people with a general interest can attend! The calls will be scheduled on a quarterly basis alternating between EMEA, APJ  & Americas time zones to make sure we can capture the majority of our wonderful community.


Register Today! 

AVM External Community Call - 21st May 2024 · Issue #859 · Azure/Azure-Verified-Modules (


Well-Architected Framework Alignment 

As customers are facing challenges of ensuring their workloads are resilient and reliable in the face of unpredictable events, AVM is adapting as one of the tools that customers can leverage to proactively improve the reliability and resiliency of their workloads inline with the Well-Architected Framework, Reliability Hub and Azure Proactive Reliance Library. 


With this in mind the AVM Team has updated the 'What does AVM mean by "WAF Aligned" Section on our site and we are actively engaging in ensuring we have module alignment across both Bicep and Terraform. So....Whats been done so far? 


Testing & Validation

Within the CI Framework for Azure Verified Modules, both Bicep & Terraform have been updated to specifically test against the reliability pillar of the well-architected framework by default (Where there is no external dependency).

For Terraform an Automated Testing Framework has been built to support WAF alignment using TFLint by our core-team and Terraform Engineering Team, the framework is continually expanding its rule-set to ensure the rules for each resource are included.

With Bicep we are leveraging the partnership from the AVM Core Team with the PS Rule to ensure we are capturing the latest tests from the latest baselines. 

Integration with our tooling to make sure our examples and defaults align with the expected outcome of a reliable resources is key to ensuring we have our modules "fully tested" meaning if any of these tests fail, we will not publish any new versions until the tests are passing.


AVM Module Summary

The AVM team are excited that our community have been busy building AVM Modules. As of April 30th the AVM Footprint currently looks like:



In development








Bicep Resource Modules Published In April:

Full list of Bicep Resource Modules are available here: AVM Bicep Resource Index 














Bicep Pattern Modules Published In April:

Full list of Bicep Resource Modules are available here: AVM Bicep Pattern Index 







General Bicep Updates

  • CARML Migration Completed - For our external community that was leveraging CARML until the modules had been migrated to AVM, this is now complete. That means we now have all 132 modules in AVM from the CARML Repository adhering to the AVM Testing framework!
  • Implemented and documented support for additional post-deployment tests that users can implement in their examples and end-to-end test folders and are picked up by the CI after a deployment as a contributor to a module.

Terraform Resource Modules Published In March:

Full list of Terraform Resource Modules are available here: AVM Terraform Resource Index 


kusto/cluster servicebus/namespace


Terraform Pattern Modules Published In March:

Full list of Terraform Resource Modules are available here: AVM Terraform Resource Index 




General Terraform Updates

  • AVM team has agreed to utilize TFVM's static analysis and linting steps tools set. The development of the tool-set has finished. We have 59+rules to be added to TFlint tool and the implementation is in progress where 10 rules have been added so far.


General AVM Site Updates

  • New Look for status badges on the site linking to all available version on the module!


That's A Wrap! 

Well folks! That's it from Azure Verified Modules Team. If you missed the update from last month, you can find that here AVM - March Updates BlogPost. Other than that, as always we want to say a massive thank you to our community and our teams continued efforts to develop and collaborate. 

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