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WebinarRecording.pngIn “Copilot Use Cases for IT” Microsoft’s I bring the first Copilot Starter series to a wrap. During the session I talked about what Copilot for Microsoft 365 is and isn’t. Additionally, I covered two IT use cases with multiple demonstrations as well as and assistant for orgs looking to up their AI prompt game.

Be sure after the video to check out the Copilot resources as well as the prompts used during the session. The Copilot Starter Series will return starting June 1st.

See all the recorded webinars in the Copilot Starter Series here.


Prompts Used in the Webinar (*these are for educational purposes only:(

  • Summarize the information in /https://<your intranet document url here>
  • Draft an email to the <company name> organization telling them about the plans for <product/service name> Adoption. Use the document / https://<your intranet document url here>
  • Create new presentation based on file / https://<your intranet document url here>
  • Summarize my mails, teams messages and channel messages from the last work week. List action items in a dedicated column. Suggest follow-ups if possible to a dedicated column. The table should look like this: Type (Mail/Teams/Channel) | Topic | Summarization | Action item | Follow-up. If I have been directly mentioned, make the font of the topic bold
  • What questions are unresolved?  (for meeting)
  • Write a project plan for an IT review of Azure AD accounts. Detail the reason why a review of accounts is important following the merger of two separate companies. Detail best practices and approach to ensuring that the now single Azure AD instance for two formerly separate organizations is optimized for business and secure.
  • What are the most popular laptops for enterprise organizations this year?
  • I'd like to create a survey for a group of IT professional to better understand their day-to-day experience as IT professionals, communicating with colleagues, finding the appropriate information for their research, and completing their professional training and education . I'd also like to understand how they are feeling about the demands on their time in a professional sense, how is this affecting time outside of the workplace, and how they think their time could be better allocated to improve productivity in the workplace, improve educational and training opportunities, remove stress in the workplace and at home
  • Create a presentation detailing how the Microsoft Viva Employee Experience suite can reduce employee burnout while increasing employee engagement and job satisfaction. Include sections covering Viva Connections, Viva Engage, Viva Amplify, Viva Insights, Viva Learning, Viva Glint, Viva Pulse, and Viva Goals.

You can see the rest of the upcoming Copilot for Microsoft 365 Starter series here

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