Discover Azure Programmable Connectivity: A developer’s gateway to innovative mobile applications

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As the digital world continuously evolves, the convergence of networks and applications is creating unprecedented opportunities for mobile application developers. Microsoft's Azure Programmable Connectivity (APC) stands at the forefront of this revolution, providing a powerful platform that simplifies the integration of network capabilities into mobile apps.


What is Azure Programmable Connectivity?

APC transforms traditional telecom networks into programmable platforms that are directly accessible through APIs. This innovation allows developers to harness the advanced capabilities of telecom networks, like 5G, to enhance application performance, improve security, and unlock new functionalities. With APC, developers can ensure that applications remain robust and adaptable, even as underlying network technologies evolve.

Figure 1: Azure Programmable Connectivity


Key benefits for developers

  1. Unified API interface: APC offers a standard, simplified interface across multiple operator networks globally. This abstraction layer saves you from the complexities of individual network APIs and ensures code consistency and reliability.
  2. Easy access and integration: Accessible directly within the Azure portal, APC's gateway manages API calls, credential handling, and proper routing to the appropriate mobile operator. This integration reduces overhead, allowing you to focus more on innovation and less on configuration.
  3. Flexible API consumption methods: APC offers SDKs for .NET/C# and Python, with JavaScript SDKs coming soon, allowing for seamless integration into your applications. For broader compatibility, developers can also access APC APIs as HTTP REST APIs, enabling use across any programming language that supports HTTP service calls.
  4. A rich ecosystem of operators: APC proudly collaborates with an expansive array of global telecom operators, constructing a vast ecosystem of network APIs. This rich network provides access to a wide range of advanced network functionalities.
  5. Support for modern connected applications: Whether it's enhancing real-time interactions with live-streaming capabilities or improving security measures through SIM swap detection, APC will enable you to build the next generation of connected applications.


APIs available with APC

APC, in its initial phase, offers three anti-fraud APIs that enhance security for mobile applications. These include telephone number verification, SIM swap detection, and device location verification. The following code snippet illustrates the straightforward process of using the APC SDK to validate a device's location coordinates.

string ApcGatewayId = "/subscriptions/your_subscription_id/resourceGroups/dev-testing-eastus/providers/Microsoft.programmableconnectivity/gateways/apcg-eastus";

Uri endpoint = new Uri("");

TokenCredential credential = new DefaultAzureCredential();


ProgrammableConnectivityClient baseClient = new ProgrammableConnectivityClient(endpoint, credential);


var client = baseClient.GetDeviceLocationClient();


var deviceLocationVerificationContent = new DeviceLocationVerificationContent(

      new NetworkIdentifier("NetworkCode",


                            latitude:80.0, longitude:85.1,


      new LocationDevice


           PhoneNumber = "+349876543210",



 Response<DeviceLocationVerificationResult> result =



var verificationResult = result.Value.VerificationResult;

Figure 2: SDK code validating device location


Developing code with these APIs is straightforward and secure. Verification is handled by the mobile operator, ensuring that the process is tamper-proof.


Join Us at Microsoft Build

We at Microsoft are excited to invite all developers to join us at the upcoming Microsoft Build 2024. Come and explore how APC is redefining connectivity and opening up new possibilities for mobile application development:

  • Register for Microsoft Build—in-person or digital options are available.
  • Visit our booth at the Partner Hub area to get a firsthand look at APC in action and discuss how you can take advantage of this platform to elevate your applications.
  • Watch* our technical "Build network-aware mobile apps“ on demand session to learn more about APC and how to use anti-fraud APIs. You must be registered to view this link.
  • Watch* the programmable networks discussion with experts from GSMA, Microsoft, Telefónica and Deutsche Telekom.

*Microsoft Build on demand sessions will be available starting on May 21st, 2024 @ 8:30 AM PST


Join the public preview

APC is available in public preview! We encourage you to sign up and explore its capabilities. Get early access to the latest features and contribute to shaping this cutting-edge technology. Apply for public preview here.


Learn more and start building today

APC is not just a tool; it's a gateway to the future of mobile applications. With its robust features and growing global network ecosystem, APC enables developers to transcend traditional app-development boundaries and venture into new realms of innovation and functionality. Join us in this journey to unleash the potential of modern connected applications and redefine what your apps can do with APC at Microsoft Build!

  • Dive deeper into the possibilities with APC and discover comprehensive guides and tutorials to help you start integrating network APIs into your applications smoothly and efficiently. Explore Azure Programmable Connectivity, access technical documentation, and if you haven't already, sign up for public preview.
  • Get started developing apps with APC with GitHub. Grab the open-source “APC-Demo-App” for an end-to-end comprehensive example of a mobile app with a complementary, hands-on lab.

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