Advancements in the Business Critical service tier for Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server

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We are excited to announce advancements in the Business Critical service tier for Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server. Following our commitment to deliver the best performance and availability for your mission critical workloads, we are bringing enhancements that will elevate your database experience.


Enhanced storage capabilities

In addition to performance enhancements, we have extended our storage offerings. You can now use up to 32 TB of storage, with support for 96vCores and 672 GB of memory, backed by 80K IOPS. This extension allows you to handle data-intensive applications more efficiently, ensuring smoother performance and the flexibility to scale your storage as needed.


Improved performance with Accelerated Logs at no additional cost

The Accelerated Logs feature is now generally available. This feature optimizes transactional log-related operations, providing a significant performance increase without adding any costs. With Accelerated Logs enabled, your server throughput is improved ensuring strong performance for mission-critical workloads. The accelerated logs feature seamlessly works with your Azure Database for MySQL flexible server without requiring any changes to your applications.


The restrictions in place during Preview no longer apply to:

  • High Availability (HA) servers.
  • Primary servers with Read Replica servers.
  • Read replica servers.
  • Major Version Upgrade.

The Accelerated Logs feature is available for servers based on the Business Critical service tier that are created after May 20th, 2024. For existing servers based on the Business Critical service tier, this feature can be enabled after the upcoming maintenance window. Please visit the “Maintenance” section on our portal for details about the next maintenance schedule.


For any further queries or assistance, please create a [support ticket]. For more information about region availability of the accelerated logs feature visit our service documentation.


For detailed steps on how to enable the feature on your flexible servers based on the Business Critical tier, please see Enable accelerated logs on your existing server. To dive deeper into the extensive benefits the feature provides, check out Shireesh Thota’s blog post Azure Database for MySQL achieves new, faster benchmark!


To learn more about the Business Critical service tier and the latest advancements in it, watch the following video!



If you have any feedback or questions about the information provided above, please leave a comment below or email us at We’re here to help you on your journey using these new features. Happy exploring!

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