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Copilot snacks3.pngCopilot in Microsoft 365 is a smart assistant that helps you get the most out of your meetings. Whether you are attending, running late, or unable to join a Teams meeting, Copilot can help you stay on top of the agenda, action items, and decisions. Copilot can transcribe the conversation, highlight the key points, and provide you a summary afterwards. You can also ask Copilot to send a message to the meeting organizer or participants, or to reschedule the meeting if you have a conflict. With Copilot, you can make sure you never miss a beat in your Teams meetings.

In this Copilot Sack I demonstrate the use of Copilot in Teams meetings.

To see all HLS Copilot Snacks video click here.


To see all HLS Copilot Snacks video click here.

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