Project for the web – some users not resolving in the assigned to field

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If you have had your Office 365 tenant for some time (since before Guests were a thing - so 6 years or so ago) and migrated accounts in from on-premises active directory - then you might run in to this issue where these users are not being resolved.  In some cases this might be expected, as you can't use external users yet - but if these are accounts in the same Office 365 tenant and real members then read on.

This is a known issue where the UserType of these specific users who were added a while back via AD is NULL - and see for details.  You can look on the Users blade of Azure Active directory to see this value for a user - my screenshot shows what they SHOULD look like - I don't have a user in a bad state.


You can see here that Alex is a member - he can be assigned ok.




You can also use PowerShell to resolve this - either the AzureAD account or Msol Account:


Have someone who is an admin on the tenant do the following steps:

  1. Run Windows Powershell as an admin
  2. Enter Install-Module -Name MSOnline
  3. Say Yes to the prompts around if you want to install the module
  4. Enter Connect-MsolService
  5. Enter the tenant admin credentials when prompted
  6. Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName -UserType Member
  7. Wait 30 minutes or so
  8. Go back to Project and try searching for the user in a project where he isn't a member of the group but you are a group owner

You should replace the UserPrincipalName with each account in turn that currently has a NULL UserType.  You could also choose to use Outlook and add members to the Group - they will then soon become available for assignment in Project for the web.

Another way to see if a user is affected is to use Graph Explorer and a Url similar to the following. with the user's display name replacing First and Last:$filter=startswith(displayName,%27First%20Last%27)&$select=id,displayName,userType,onPremisesSyncEnabled


A working user will return the expected data (and don't get confused like I did by the null against userType - this isn't the issue:

"@odata.context": "$metadata#users(id,displayName,userType,onPremisesSyncEnabled)",
"value": [
"id": "ded29fcd-46cc-432b-9965-06e43d48ada0",
"displayName": "Patti Fernandez",
"userType": null,
"onPremisesSyncEnabled": null

A broken user will not be able to resolve from Graph - and will return an empty array:

"@odata.context": "$metadata#users(id,displayName,userType,onPremisesSyncEnabled)",
"value": []


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