New Sentry Connector for Microsoft Teams

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Millions of people use Microsoft Teams to be productive across different workstreams, and the latest Sentry app in Microsoft Teams is here to keep you up to speed on emerging alerts and issues in your DevOps environment.

Sentry Connector in Microsoft Teams
Using rule-based configurations, the Sentry app in Microsoft Teams will automatically notify pre-defined channels of code errors, performance issues, or other events. Rule-based configurations allow customers flexibility in customizing which alerts generate notifications in Teams. Users can respond to the alert by ignoring, assigning, or resolving directly from Teams; they can also use channel messages and mentions to collaborate with others on response and next steps.



How to use Sentry in Teams
Integrating Sentry into Teams for your DevOps practices takes two steps: install and configure. See Sentry’s step-by-step documentation for full details and instructions.

If you’re currently using the legacy Sentry integration, consider moving your notification configurations to use the latest integration.

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