New Year, New Blog!

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By Rayyan Jaber, Will Brennan, Cesar Valiente and Jessica Reading

Waaaay back in April 2019, we started the blog Android@Microsoft, with the goal of sharing with you the experience of the amazing and talented engineers at Microsoft who work on your favorite Android apps. We wanted to give back, and to make sure that their voices were part of the worldwide community of mobile app engineers. And we’ve had a great time doing it, thanks to your claps and comments! (Our most popular post in 2020: App size reduction at Microsoft SwiftKey.)

We don’t need to tell you how much the world has changed since then. And one thing we came to realize over the past year is that we should broaden our connection to the entire mobile engineering community. So, our Android@Microsoft blog is now the Microsoft Mobile Engineering blog — you might have noticed the name change. All our posts are still here, with more to come — so be on the lookout for more posts, covering all sorts of mobile tech. It’s OK to get hyped now! 😊

As part of updating the blog for this expansion, we redesigned our logo. We thought we’d give you a little background on the why behind the logo design, because it was a fun exercise not just in designing, but also in being thoughtful about what’s important to us about mobile apps and the mobile engineering community. Here goes:

In creating the new logo for the Microsoft Mobile Engineering blog, we set out with a few goals in mind. First, it should be emblematic. The shape of the logo is evocative of a mobile device, but is intentionally abstracted, with the black bar at the bottom representing the bezels. Second, it needs to align with our Fluent design language. (Learn more about designing apps that are mobile-native while still uniquely Fluent on the iOS and Android tabs at Microsoft — Fluent Design System.) This is part of striving for coherence across our logos, with a consistent use of depth and light, and a product-agnostic execution of color. Finally, the logo needs to be inspiring to makers. The blocks represent both the construction of our products — engineering providing the building blocks — as well as the way each product acts as a puzzle piece within the greater Microsoft ecosystem. We’re all part of this larger system that people all over the world interact with every day.

So, in a spirit of inspiration, we look forward to connecting with all of you across the mobile engineering community this year, whatever platform you work on. Watch for our next post soon — and clap, comment, and share! We would love to hear from you too. Leave us a comment below on what you would like to see in the new blog.

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