Accelerate your eDiscovery analysis workflow with one click

Does your legal department often complain about how long it takes to run an analysis for eDiscovery investigations? We released two new features for Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery—Express Analysis and Export with analytics to Excel—to make it easier and faster for organizations to quickly find, analyze and review relevant information related to investigations, legal matters and regulatory requests.

eDiscovery is applicable for a wide variety of scenarios where you need to sort through a set of unstructured data to find the small number of files which may be relevant. The amount of data you need to sort through is dependent upon the breadth and complexity of the case. For large legal matters or regulatory data requests, the amount of data could be tens of millions of files, while internal investigations could only be a few thousand files.

Express Analysis

With a click of a button you can now run Advanced eDiscovery analytics, specifically near-duplicates, email threads and themes and export the results. Express Analysis accelerates the analytics workflow allowing you to quickly minimize and organize your dataset and export to your desired location. There is no additional configuration or multiple steps required—significantly simplifying the process.


Export with analytics and view in Excel

The new export with analytics feature in Advanced eDiscovery allows you to view your analyzed results directly in Excel. Excel’s familiar interface makes manipulating the results easy for anyone to accomplish.

The exported file includes all the metadata associated with the documents—such as Sender, Recipient, Date and other email/file-related information—as well as all the Advanced eDiscovery analytics information, including email threading, near-duplicates and the key themes in the document.

There is also a “For review” column that flags if an email or document needs to be looked at by the reviewer or if it is redundant information and can be defensibly skipped. Finally, a hyperlink is provided for easy access to navigate the actual data so you can quickly determine relevance.

Having all this analytics information conveniently packaged up in a file that can be opened in Excel is great for smaller investigations and legal matters, as you can quickly review and tag the analyzed data without having to use more advanced tools.


Future enhancements

Office 365 has a rich set of in-place eDiscovery capabilities that help organizations investigate and meet the wide variety of information requests directly from the Security & Compliance Center. To further improve your eDiscovery process, in the coming months we will be delivering additional eDiscovery enhancements, such as Unified Case Management, Search and Export Analytics, optical character recognition and new intelligent analytics features in the Security & Compliance Center.

To take advantage of Advanced eDiscovery Express Analysis and Export with analytics to Excel, simply go to the Security & Compliance Center in your tenant.

—The Office 365 team

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