Episode 221: Azure CLI with Jason Shaver | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show

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This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: Channel 9.

In this episode Chris Risner and Lucas Huet-Hudson are joined by Jason Shaver, Program Manager on the Azure Open Source Tools Team.  On that team, Jason works on the new Azure Command Line Interface 2.0.  The new CLI was built to be cross-platform and work well with tools that many people are used to using (VSCode, Emacs, grep, grok, etc). This includes the ability to change the format of the data the CLI prints out from tabular (very human readable), to JSON, TSVs, and more.  Another great aspect of the new CLI is the ease of installation and distribution.  You can now install the CLI through appropriate package installers on every OS.  One of the reasons for the ease of installation of the new CLI is that it is built with Python.

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