Windows 10 IoT Samples?

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For the first Hardware Friday post of the year lets start with highlight the must go to source for Windows IoT samples…




Windows 10 IoT Core Samples

  • “To download Windows 10 IoT Core, visit our Get Started page
  • To download these samples, click the Clone or Download button above

How to contribute

We greatly appreciate bug-fixes from the community!

  1. Get set up
  2. Making changes
  3. Guidelines

All of these rules must be met:

  1. You must have a page on the IoT Core samples page corresponding to your code.
    • It must contain some explanation of what the sample is and how it works.
    • The same title must be used everywhere.
  2. You must link back to your sample on ms-iot/samples in the header of your file.
  3. You must include a Readme with your sample.



[Click through to hit the repo]

That should be enough to get you started? Maybe? Smile with tongue out