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Microsoft puts people at the center of collaboration. In today’s demanding business climate, it is common for people to get overwhelmed by the ever-growing amount of data and documents swirling about. That’s why Office 365 infuses intelligence into experiences across the suite, like Delve, which provides insights to inform business decisions and connect you with the right content and the right people.


At the heart of it, Microsoft uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide unique, personalized experiences throughout. Users are guided to the right emails, files, sites, videos, news articles and more - in context with where they are already working.


Today, we’re starting to roll out a new, personalized search experience in Office 365, along with improvements to Delve, all powered by the Microsoft Graph.


Let’s dive into the details.


Personalized search coming to a Delve search box near you

Office 365 is growing from a usage and storage perspective. And specific to search, the content indexing service is growing steadily at 10 percent month-over-month (MOM) – proof that users may be more challenged to find the right people and content.


Today Delve delivers search results that are informed by who you work with, and what you work on, starting at the moment you begin typing in the Search box. With its new updates, Delve will provide even more personalized search experience in two ways:


  • Get back to what you were doing—When you click in the Search text box and before you type anything, you will see result items appear based on your most recent work. As you type, you'll see a refinement of results related to the keywords you enter.
  • Discover new information—Once you press Return, you enter the discovery phase where you are searching content, people (based on name and expertise), and sites from throughout your organization. Content is presented in the order of what is most relevant to you. For example, documents by people you work with will typically rank higher than documents by other people. Similarly, documents on SharePoint sites you work on would be ranked higher.




The new, intelligent search experience from within Office Delve.



Immediate results when you click into the Delve search box. (Left) Fast refinement of content as you type ahead. (Right) All relevant to the user who is signed in.


Check it out at - the new Delve experience –home of search and discovery. It provides a more personalized view of content trending around a user’s work social sphere.


Learn more about Delve personalized search.


Microsoft Graph improvements for Office 365

The content, activity, people and recommendations that surface in Delve and other intelligent experiences are powered by Microsoft Graph, which has recently been enhanced to surface more personalized insights in Office 365. The Microsoft Graph is designed as an intelligent and intelligible assistant with sophisticated protections to help secure personal and group information in ways that earn trust.


New insights come from Office 365 Groups and Outlook modern attachments – Microsoft Graph derives intelligence from things like who you work with, what departments your colleagues are from, what sites you work on, the content you share and have in common, and what sites the people around you are using. that which now also includes documents from Office 365 Groups, modern attachments from Outlook, and more. There is business value in all transactions. The breadth of content plays an important role, not only to surface important people and content, it, too, enables a more personalized, relevant experience based on these added signals of content and people interactions.


Improved performance and content freshness—In addition to relevance improvements, Microsoft Graph results are returned faster with improved success rates and content freshness (the time it takes for new content to appear within results). Relevance context is now pre-processed and sent along with the query on the search index. All the while maintaining admin and users requirement and expectation of the highest level of data security and privacy.


And more to come

As we begin roll out of the updated search experience in Delve, we also have our sights on enabling intelligent search from within additional Office 365 applications like SharePoint home in Office 365 and mobile apps, OneDrive for Business and more.


Please visit our Delve UserVoice and submit your feedback. Follow us on Twitter @OfficeDelve. And if you have a specific question on any of the above, please add a comment below and we'll provide as much clarity as we can.


— Mark Kashman, senior product manager for the Office 365 team


Frequently asked questions

Q: When will personalized search roll out in my Office 365 tenant?

A: The new personalized search experience in Office Delve is rolling out to First Release customers in the next week. We then expect to begin worldwide rollout to all Office 365 by this summer.


Q: Does the new personalized search experience in Delve affect my enterprise search center in SharePoint Online?

A: No. There is no impact to customers’ enterprise search center. Nor do the updates affect access points to the classic search center customers may have put in place.


Q: Should I be concerned about private or sensitive data in Delve search results?

A: No. Delve never changes any permissions on content or other information. Users only discover what they already have permission to see. This includes how content is presented in Delve search results. To learn more, please review the recent Microsoft Tech Community post to understand security and privacy of Delve and intelligent experiences in Office 365.

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