Sparking, Seeding and a some Pie – IoT Azure Starter Kits

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We chatted about the Azure IoT Starter Kits before, Azure the AT&T IoT Starter Kit, Get your Grove on... and Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit and Win 10 IoT News.

What I didn't realize was just how many kits were current;y available until I read Dave The Engineer's recent post;

IoT Starter Kits for Azure

"Microsoft has worked with a number of vendors to build a series of starter kits to help you get your internet “thing” up and connected to Azure with minimal effort. These are in essence kits which contain a hardware board of some description, a breadboard, a number of connectors and sensors.

The board that is contained in these kits all support running Windows 10 IoT Core, the minimal version of Windows 10 for small devices with low memory onboard.

Microsoft Premier Services uses the Adafruit Raspberry Pi 3 Kit with all our customer engagements when helping them get started with IoT and Azure.


Dave also shouts out to a great Channel 9 video on it...

The Maker Show: Azure IoT Starter Kits

This lengthy episode contains a ton of good information about IoT in general, about Azure IoT and the services that it brings this category of computing, and finally about a number of starter kits designed and built for Azure IoT that you can use to get you building connected devices very quickly.

I doubt you'll have any questions remaining on IoT or how to get started by the time you finish this video. You'll learn...

  • what is IoT
  • what does Azure offer you when you're working on an IoT project
  • which device should you start with
  • what language should you choose getting started
  • what sort of projects should you do when you're first learning IoT
  • where to find a bunch of starter project code on GitHub

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Okay, okay, what kind of kits are available? Check all these kits out...

Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kits


Looks like something for everyone... Now get Making!