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Today's HoloLens project from Mike Taulty is a little thing, yet something I thought kind of cool...

Using OCR to Read an IP Address in a Holographic UWP App

... Just a short post. I’ve been playing with a situation recently where I needed to get an IP address into a holographic app. There’s lots of different ways that you might do this depending on how frequently the IP address might change;

  • Hard-code it into the app.
  • Put it into a config file (perhaps loaded from some other server).
  • Type it into the app’s UI although I think it’s fair to say that typing IP addresses on HoloLens isn’t so much fun.
  • Magically download it via some sort of bluetooth service
  • Speak it to the application through the microphone and UWP speech recognition
  • Put the IP address into a QR code and have the app scan it through the camera

and I’m sure there’s many more but today I thought I’d experiment with what seemed like a fairly natural idea – when I want to give another person an IP address, I usually write it onto a piece of paper and hand it to them or pin it up on the wall.



Project Information URL: https://mtaulty.com/2017/03/28/using-ocr-to-read-an-ip-address-in-a-holographic-uwp-app/

Project Source URL: https://github.com/mtaulty/IPAddressCameraScanning

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