Find out how we are accommodating 26,000+ vision keynote viewers

Watch Patch & Switch break down the Vision Keynote viewing options:



With over 26,000 attending sold-out Microsoft Ignite, we are providing four unique options for the Monday morning Vision Keynote with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, so you can catch every moment.


Which one is right for you?

  1. Double-up on content with Patch & Switch in OCCC West – Hall E1. Join Microsoft personalities and Azure Engineers Joey Snow and Rick Claus (@PatchAndSwitch) for a live recording of their podcast, serving as a Vision Keynote pre-show. They will bring their unique brand of fun and some special guests.

  2. Hang out solo or with peers in the OCCC West – Hall A4. In the Hang Out, you can catch the Vision Keynote live on 3,500 square-feet of beautiful hi-definition screens. Plug in your headphones, grab a seat, and tune into the screen of your choice.

  3. Get a sneak peek of the Microsoft Ignite Studio in OCCC West – Hall A Throughout the week, come check out Microsoft Mechanics Live. Be among the first to use the space by watching the Vision Keynote.

  4. Feel the live energy at OCCC South – Hall B. The morning Vision Keynote originates here, and the crowd will be pumped up. You’ll feel the energy with thousands of people in the room!


Whichever option you choose, you’ll want to arrive early. We’ll be kicking off at 9am EST.

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