Skill Shortcut – Share your Cortana Skill with users

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We have a great news for marketers, developers and SEO specialists with this feature announcement. Now you can share your Cortana skill with users using a cool new capability called Skill Shortcut, which allows direct launching of a Cortana skill from a deep link. Skill developers, marketers and SEO specialists can leverage this capability to drive usage and engagement by including a shortcut to launch their skills in digital media promotions, websites, apps, sms etc.


In Cortana app on iOS/Android, this deep link launches the skill directly (check out the video below that shows launching of Fitbit skill via deep link). On Windows, a click on the deep link will open Cortana in listening mode and display a tip suggesting user say the invocation phrase.


Uri protocol for skill shortcut:

Cortana app uri - blue color bolded text
Customizable string for skill invocation - black color regular text


  Try it today and please provide your valuable feedback.


Here is a quick demo of launching Fitbit skill from an email using Skill Shortcut.


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