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This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: Channel 9.

Did you know that there have been multiple minor releases of C# since 7.0? Many of these features make it much easier for developers to write more performant code by minimizing value type copying.

Our good friend and C# language designer, Mads Torgersen (@MadsTorgersen), joins this episode of On .NET to talk to us about some of these lesser known features that are available for developers to try out in their C# 7.x projects.

  • [01:20] - Motivations for the minor releases of C#
  • [02:31] - Who do the minor releases target?
  • [03:48] -  ref locals and returns (C# 7.0)
  • [10:26] - ref readonly and in parameters  (C# 7.2)
  • [13:46] -  How can these features be used with immutable types?
  • [18:42] - How to opt into C# 7.2 features? 


Learn more about some of the other new features of C# 7 through the links below


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