Community Mentors Program: Cycle 4 (Jan-Mar 2019) | Welcome Participants!

Since the Community Mentors Program (CMP)’s inception in April 2017, we’ve grown to over 1378 members! Yes, you read that right – we’ve now crossed the 1K-mark for applicants!


We’re super excited to see how many of you are willing to contribute your precious time, energy and resources by committing to being either a mentor or mentee to someone else in the industry. A recurring theme we’ve seen on participants’ application forms include “we want to pay it forward”, or “we want to give back.” It is so encouraging to see, and we hope you find the CMP a valuable platform to share, learn and grow with folks from around the world!


Cycle 4 – By the numbers! 

In Cycle 4, we’ve successfully matched 61 (that’s right, triple the number of Cycle 2!) pairs with 1625.50 years of combined industry experience! That brings the total number of matches since program launch to 135 pairs total. Phenomenal indeed. Participants hail from over 35 countries, including: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab, UK, US and Zimbabwe. This cycle’s mentors and mentees have expertise in Azure, Business Applications/Intelligence, Cloud (e.g., Computing, Datacenter, Infrastructure, Operations), Collaboration Technologies, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Data Platform, Data Science, Dynamics 365, End User Support/Technology, Information Security/ Technology, and Technical Marketing, to name a few.


Also, a big shout out to our Microsoft Valued Professionals in Cycle 4! We have 23 MVP mentors, and 7 MVP mentees, for a total of 30 MVPs! We appreciate your continued support of Microsoft’s programs, especially as it relates to Diversity and Tech. Many of you are passionate advocates and D&I champions within your own organizations and personal networks – your active social media tweets to help amplify our Diversity and Tech programs certainly do not go unnoticed!



Cycle 4 MVP UPDATED.JPGCongratulations CMP Cycle 4 MVP mentors!


We’re currently exploring new ways to recognize our MVPs participating in the CMP, as well as an initiative to award mentors for their work in current and future cycles! Stay tuned to this blog for more information to come. 


As always, we encourage more of you to join our program! You can sign up here, and follow/interact with us on the blog. Let’s work as a Diversity and Tech team to get even stronger!


Mentors and mentees: if you haven’t had a chance to take our mentor survey and mentee survey please take a few moments to fill it out so we can be sure to incorporate your feedback/input into our program. We’re also accepting nominations for a quarterly Most Valuable Mentor award, so please be sure to complete your mentor/mentor evaluation after your cycle ends, then click here to submit a nomination for your mentor to win an award if you think he/she has truly positively impacted your life 🙂 We’ll be picking one winner quarterly so we’re looking forward to receiving applications with compelling stories and concrete examples of how your mentor has empowered you to #AchieveMore!



Already part of the Community Mentors’ Program but want to connect with other IT professionals in real-life? Come participate in one of the Microsoft Ignite | The Tour stops, which travels to 17 cities and reaches almost every continent!


Microsoft Ignite | The Tour: Building on our momentum from Microsoft Ignite 2018 where the Diversity and Tech community had a central presence at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour, we’ve certainly grown from strength to strength. On the tour, we were able to truly engage customers in various elements of the program, including the hugely popular Diversity Superpower button wall. In Berlin and Sao Paulo, over 5,000 Diversity Superpower buttons – several of which were localized in German and Portuguese— were snapped up by attendees. Lines for the Diversity Superpower wall in Sao Paulo even wrapped around the entire showcase and generated a lot of excitement with attendees. In fact, some attendees in Sao Paulo loved it so much, they even broke into a song to demonstrate their passion for diversity and inclusion. In all it was a great way to kick off the first two cities on Microsoft Ignite | The Tour and we look forward to similarly delivering an amazing experience in the other cities coming up!


Happy mentoring and see you at some corner of the world soon! ?

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