How to extend “.show queries” history?

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The data is kept by for the last 30 days.


  • you require accessing earlier information about queries


  • that does not conflict with any security/compliance considerations users of your cluster may have


  • you can periodically export the data (using “.show queries”) and store it elsewhere (e.g. in a Kusto table in your database, using “.set-or-append” commands)
set-or-append async history with(tags='["ingest-by:myTag"]', ingestIfNotExists='["myTag"]') <| 
   .show queries

async command will return immediately with an operation ID - a guid - which you can use for periodically polling for the operation's status (using ".show operations <guid>").


.show operations 71af658a-c2e7-4e0a-97bc-79643b12478a


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