Getting efficient with “What-happens-if …”

Causal inference studies the relationship between causes and effects. For example, one kind of question that causal inference can answer is the “What-happens-if …” question. What happens if I take a specific medication? What happens if I raise the price of a product? What happens if I go to the ER? What happens if I […]

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We Suit up with Crackdown 3’s Campaign Before Its February 15 Release

With just two weeks to go until Crackdown 3 launches with Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC as an Xbox Play Anywhere title, I was recently able to suit up and leap into an hour of the main campaign. Much of the attention on Crackdown 3 thus far has been focused on Terry Crews’ portrayal of Agent Jaxon (and rightfully so). But knowing that he’ll probably feature in every preview you read today, I gave one of the other selectable characters, Agent Chapman, a go. Each playable character possesses different attributes that can help take down…

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