Azure Event Hubs Geo-DR configurations, now enabled in all Azure regions

First published on on Mar 28, 2018

Geo-disaster recovery for Azure Event Hubs is now enabled in all Azure regions. You can now enable this configuration on your existing namespaces and new namespaces in the region of your choice.

This feature gives you the flexibility of picking a primary region and a primary namespace in it to pair with a secondary namespace in a different region. Once paired, this feature maintains the sync of the entities between these regions. So in the event of a regional disaster and Event Hubs being unavailable in the primary region, you initiate a fail-over. Once the fail-over is initiated, the Event Hubs in the secondary region takes charge so you can continue with your application.

The Geo-DR feature also introduces the alias configuration which represents the pairing of the primary and secondary namespaces. Once Geo-paired, you can obtain the connection string to the alias which can be used by the clients to talk to Event Hubs. With this, when a fail-over is initiated, the connection to the primary is cut and the clients now talk to the secondary namespace without having to change the clients.

Please Note:

This release foes not contain data disaster recover-ability. This feature currently covers meta-data only recovery.

Please see the full documentation of the feature, including the code samples here:

This feature is available only on Standard Event Hubs namespace. Geo-DR configurations can be enabled either using



Azure CLI

for Event Hubs.

Enjoy this new capability and feel free to leave us your valuable feedback/comments below!

Happy Event-ing!

Event Hubs team

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