Microsoft Forms Pro is available in Preview today.

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Microsoft Forms, a simple, lightweight tool to create surveys, quizzes, and polls, is used by millions of education, commercial, and consumer customersWe are constantly adding new functionalities into Forms based on customer feedback. Today, we are announcing the Microsoft Forms Pro Public Preview to better serve the needs of advanced survey users. 


Powered by both Office 365 and Dynamics 365 platforms, Microsoft Forms Pro will help experts create professional surveys that represent corporate branding and complete critical business flows. 


Create professional surveys.gifCreate professional surveys

With Forms Pro, enterprise business owners can design flow to automatically send out surveys to customersfollow up with customer inquiries (connection or escalation)Response data is available in real time and can be viewed in PowerBI for further analysis.  


Forms Pro supports additional functions, such as advanced branching, theme customization, individual tracking links, data connection with Dynamic 365 workflow automation with Microsoft FlowPowerBI integration, and more.


Automate survey distribution with Microsoft Flow.gifAutomate survey distribution with Microsoft Flow

While all of you can continue use Microsoft Forms as always, If you have additional needs to design advanced corporate branded surveysconnect forms data with Dynamic dataset, define the workflow around the form or response data, or view data in PowerBI, please start try Forms Pro Preview today by signing up at 


We invite you to provide feedback and help us continue improving Microsoft Forms. Submit feature suggestions or vote on existing ones at the Forms UserVoice siteYou can also engage with us and other Forms users on Tech Community and stay current on the latest releases through our blog site. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: How much will Microsoft Forms Pro cost once generally available? 

A: Forms Pro will be a paid service, once generally available. Pricing and purchase options will be announced then 


Q: Which platforms will be supported for Forms Pro? 

A: Forms Pro, like Forms is a web app and works in your favorite browser except for IE11.


Q: Is Forms Pro Preview available to GOV and EDU customers?  

A: Forms Pro Preview is not open to either GOV or EDU customers.  


Q: How can I sign out from Forms Pro? 

A:Use “Opt-out” in the “setting” at right-up corner, next your user icon.  


Q: Where can I learn more? 

A: Customers can learn more at  


  • By Kathy Liu




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