Support Tip: Update your Intune Android Company portal app

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By Priya Ravichandran | Intune Sr. PM


As part of the maintenance of the Android Platform, Google has announced the migration of their notification platform to the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). The current platform will be fully deprecated on May 20, 2019. The platform notification system is critical to ensure the success of IT pro initiated device actions like wipe, reset password, available and required app installs, and certificate enrollment.


To support this migration, the Intune Android Company Portal app released an update in December 2018. The Android Intune Company Portal app update (version 5.0.4269.0 or later) will ensure that the managed devices can continue receiving notifications without interruptions. If you are just using App Protection Policies (also known as MAM) then you won’t be affected by this update. This only affects MDM enrollment. 


Most of your devices may have been updated automatically via the Google play store. In this case, you are all set and don’t need to do anything further. In the event that you do have devices that the Intune Company portal app installed with versions older than 5.0.4269.0, you will need to work with your users to have these devices update the Company Portal app.


If your devices are MDM enrolled in Intune, then you can see the company portal versions and users by going to Client apps – Discovered apps. Selecting earlier versions of the Company Portal will allow you to see what end users have the devices that haven’t updated the company portal.


We communicated about this update in MC178609; if you don't have the post on either your M365 Message Center or duplicated on your Intune Tenant Status blade, then our telemetry indicates your Android devices have an updated Company Portal app. We are also posting in this community in case you missed the message center post in April. 

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