Use Microsoft Edge for your Protected Intune Browser Experience

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By Ileana Wu | Intune PM


Last week, we posted the following message center post and we also talked about Microsoft Edge for your protected browser experience at Ignite. We're following up publishing the message center post here just to give you a chance (by commenting on this post) to ask any questions on moving to Microsoft Edge for your protected browsing experience. 


MC Post 194969: Take Action - Use Microsoft Edge for your Protected Intune Browser Experience

As we have been sharing over the past year, Microsoft Edge mobile supports the same set of management features as the Managed Browser, while providing a much-improved end user experience. To make way for the robust experiences provided in Microsoft Edge, we will be retiring the Intune Managed Browser. Starting on January, 27, 2020, Intune will no longer support the Intune Managed Browser.


How does this affect me?

Starting on February 1, 2020, the Intune Managed Browser will no longer be available in the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. At this point, you will still be able to target new app protection policies to the Intune Managed Browser, though new users will not be able to download the Intune Managed Browser app. In addition, on iOS, new web clips that are pushed down to MDM-enrolled device will open in Microsoft Edge instead of the Intune Managed Browser.


On March, 31 2020, the Intune Managed Browser will be removed from the Azure console. This means you will no longer be able to create new policies for the Intune Managed Browser. If you have existing Intune Managed Browser policies in place, they will not be affected. The Intune Managed Browser will show up in the console as an LOB app with no icon, and existing policies will show as targeted to the app still. At this point, we will also remove the option to redirect web content to the Intune Managed Browser within the Data Protection section of App protection policies.


What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

To ensure a smooth transition from the Intune Managed Browser to Microsoft Edge, we recommend you take the following steps proactively:

  1. Target Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android with app protection policy (also referred to as MAM) and app config settings. You can reuse your Intune Managed Browser policies for Microsoft Edge by simply targeting those existing policies to Microsoft Edge as well.
  2. Ensure all MAM-protected apps in your environment have the app protection policy setting “Restrict web content transfer with other apps” set to “Policy managed browsers”.
  3. Target all the MAM-protected with the managed app configuration setting “” set to true. Starting next month with the release of 1911, you will be able to accomplish steps 2 and 3 simply by configuring the setting "Restrict web content transfer with other apps" to have “Microsoft Edge” selected in the Data Protection section of your app protection policies.


Support for web clips on iOS and Android is coming. When this support is released, you will need to retarget pre-existing web clips to ensure they open in in Microsoft Edge instead of the Managed Browser.


Let us know what questions you have on moving to Microsoft Edge for your Managed Browser experience by commenting back on this blog post. Also see our GA announcement for Microsoft Edge Conditional Access that we posted last week: 


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