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We are happy to announce the availability of two important books for expanding usage of Microsoft Teams.  In this digital age it's important to remember that many people like to have a physical guide for their new experience!  Both books are affordable and our Conversational Geek book is short and the perfect leave behind at internal events for the launch of Microsoft Teams.  Use them both to deliver 100 & 200 level training content to your people.  And yes, both are available in digital format.  Here's more about each text: 


Conversational Microsoft Teams

By Heather Severino & Karuana Gatimu


CGTeamsCover.pngThis easy to read text provides getting started guidance for anyone who is using Microsoft Teams and includes recommendations about team & channel setup, private channels and modern project management with Teams. We love working with the Conversational Geek publishers (thank you Nick!) who are dedicated to making interesting topics easy to read.  Check out their entire library including this book at the link above.   Per your request we are also excited to announce that you can order bulk copies for your organization at https://teams.conversationalgeek.com  


Adopt & Embrace Microsoft Teams

By Paul Woods, Helen Blunden, Benjamin Elias & Darrell Webster with forward by Karuana Gatimu


Adopt_Embrace_Microsoft_Teams_Book_Cover_540x.pngManagers, team leaders & executives need to build great teams and deliver results.  They can learn how to do this with the innovative framework propose by the Adopt & Embrace team.  Check out this text, written primarily for these people, that will lay out a checklist of actions to drive productivity and help take their skills to the next level.  Order physical copies (singles & in bulk) at the link above or get your Kindle digital version now.  


Here in product engineering we want to thank the people who spend countless hours bringing these books to life!  They are a credit to our community and you can find them all here or online.  Follow them for more information on this and other important productivity topics!   



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