Reconnect Series: Nate Barbettini

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Today we’re reconnecting with Nate Barbettini, a Reconnect MVP originally from Texas who received Visual Studio and Developer Technologies MVP awards between 2017 and 2019.


Nate cofounded Cobbler, Inc. in 2019, the company for which he now serves as CTO. Among his recent projects were the implementation of simulated annealing in C#, as well as work exploring GraphQL. In speaking with our blog, he also boasted an even more involved project presently occupying a great deal of his time: caring for his 3-month-old firstborn.


For Nate, reconnecting offers the very special opportunity to stay plugged into the MVP community. “It’s helpful to have a place to chat with other like-minded folks, and especially (to) see what people are up to.”


Some of the highlights of Nate’s time as an MVP include the opportunities to speak at Build and .NET Conf, and the chance to attend MVP Summit. Connecting with other MVPs through the Reconnect chat room, Nate has since been able to get word of other exciting conferences.


Today, Nate is focused on caring for both a young company and a young child – two huge and rewarding responsibilities. Still, he makes time for participating in local meetups in order to stay connected with other developers. He also dedicates time to writing his book, entitled “The Little ASP .NET Core Book,” in hopes of making free learning available to everyone. He promises it will be updated for 3.1 LTS!


Asked what advice he’d offer all the new MVPs out there, Nate says he’d encourage them to keep looking for ways to contribute and produce great content. “There’s always new and unexplored niches to discover and help teach people about,” he says.


Check out Nate’s recently published work here and here. Plus, you can follow him on Twitter: @nbarbettini

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