8 OneNote education updates for the new year

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Yesterday we announced 8 new updates for OneNote for the upcoming BETT conference in London.   We've put a summary of these updates below, but to get more details on these updates, head over to the BETT blog titled: Live from BETT: What’s new in EDUfree resources to boost engagement and collaboration




  1. Delete a distributed page – the #1 OneNote UserVoice request from educators has been for the ability to bulk delete a distributed page in a OneNote Class Notebook.  We’ve listened, and we are excited to announce this will be rolling this feature out in February!


  1. OneNote Live Captions: In February, we are rolling out a private preview of OneNote that allows any student to connect OneNote to a Microsoft Translator captions via a Join Code and receive the captions and translation stream.  This allows captions from the educator speaking to flow directly into OneNote for reading, while still allowing the student to take notes.  In addition, the student can pause the captions, highlight portions, and then have the entire transcription saved as a page into OneNote. 

  2. “Save a Copy” in OneNote for the web- Educators, trainers, and students often want to make a copy of their notebook available to others. For example: a great notebook template in your district that your trainer wants to share. In the next month, we’ll be rolling out the ability to “Save a Copy” of a OneNote notebook.  To begin with, this will only be supported within the same Office 365 tenant, with broader support coming later in the year

  3. Equation Tools in OneNote for Windows 10: We’re thrilled to let you know that we’re starting to roll out Equation Tools in OneNote for Windows 10. Equation Tools allows students to input and make changes to math equations more easily than by typing those in with a keyboard.

  4.  Math Assistant in OneNote for iPad: We’re excited to announce we’re bringing Math Assistant in OneNote to iPad users this spring.

  5. Manage Notebook improvements: Now when you click the “Manage Notebook” button in the Class Notebook toolbar, you will be launched directly into the Manage Notebooks space in the Class Notebook web app for the Class Notebook you are already in, which saves teachers time.

  6. Distribute a page from a non-EDU Notebook – another top request from educators has been the ability to distribute a OneNote page from a regular OneNote notebook. This has now rolled out globally to OneNote for Windows 10, Mac, iPad and web.

  7. Distribute a Section into a Section Group - you can distribute a new Section into sub section groups, or other nested places of your Class Notebook hierarchy


A a reminder that OneNote Desktop is NOT going away! – in case you missed the big announcement in November, OneNote 2016 Desktop is going to not only stay supported for years, we will be updating it significantly in 2020 and beyond


We hope you ring in the new year enjoy these new OneNote updates :party_popper::party_popper::party_popper:

Mike Tholfsen

Microsoft Education Product Manager



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